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Toronto: at first glance -1-

Posted by zieglers on September 18, 2006


I keep writing again. Last month was a hard period for me since I was busy with moving from Istanbul to Toronto, Canada. It’s been like more than 2 weeks that I’m in T.O now and I’d like to write some about it.

The first thing that I can say about Toronto is it doesn’t look like any cities in Europe. It’s obvious that the city has been constructed in the last century and you would be disappointed if you were looking for its history as a tourist here. However, you can easily realize the perfect plan of the city, buildings, subway and so on… Especially the Yonge Street, I’ve never seen such a long and straight street in my life. It’s actual length is maybe more then 1900 km, just having different names along the way to other cities. But it is still there, it is still Yonge Street.. It is simply the longest street of the world!!!

Another thing I’d like to mention is the cars & trucks. One can just realize the difference between the way the cars manufactured here are the ones in Europe. Here since the oil is not a problem at all, there is no constraint as low fuel consumption or performance. Since this is the case, definitely you wouldn’t be expecting to see good design and engineering with the cars manufactured here. All you can see is their huge size. 🙂

Subway system is ok, but not as punctual as the ones in Europe, sorry to say this, however it is reality in here! One could surely expect the buses to arrive on time which is not the case most of the time.

Also, a few words about people: They are so respectful to others’ lives and you can see that while just going down the street for a few blocks. There is a great effort to get socialized and it is also so easy here too, which is a perfect thing. You can easily make friends by attending some communities of specific purpose that you are interested in.

Yeah, that’s all for the first part of the observation post `toronto`. I’ll be going on in the other posts.


4 Responses to “Toronto: at first glance -1-”

  1. shadowcat said

    leeenn oguzzzzz yaramiss len kanadalarrr aferin bole devamm begendim resmiii hadi bakemm

  2. Bilgin said

    Oguz’un bu coni traşına tam tamına 38$ verdigini biliyormuydunuz? Eeeeeee 2 dolarda bahsis atmistir canım essek degil ya 🙂

  3. Aysun said

    güzel resim

  4. zieglers said

    tesekkur ederim… 🙂

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