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Exam 70–536 : TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation

Posted by zieglers on January 8, 2007


I want to write some comments about 70-536 exam. I got this exam today and passed with a score of 965 (over 1000). This means that I had 2 wrong answers out of 45 questions.

Firstly, I’d like to say that there are a lot of unambigious questions. I know, this is a general comment about Microsoft Certification Exams and you can come across this statement in many blogs. However, I’ll be more specific in this posting and point out some questions (splinters) in my mind.


Q.1. You need to write a multicast delegate that accepts a DateTime argument and returns a Boolean value. Which code segment should you use?

   A. public delegate int PowerDeviceOn ( bool, DateTime );

   B. public delegate bool PowerDeviceOn ( Object, EventArgs );

   C. public delegate void PowerDeviceOn ( DateTime );

   D. public delegate bool PowerDeviceOn ( DateTime );

I answered ‘C’ for this question. Could someone please explain me why ‘C’ is wrong?

( If you look at the Testking answer for this question, it says ‘A’! If ‘A’ is the right answer, why?!? )

 Q.2. You work as a developer at Company.com. You are creating an assembly named Company1. Company1 contains a public method. The global cache contains a second assembly named Company2.

You must ensure that the public method is only called from Company2. Which permission class should you use?

   A. GacIdentityPermission

   B. PublisherIdentityPermission

   C. DataProtectionPermission

   D. StrongNameIdentityPermission

I answered this as ‘A’. However, Testking guys say that the correct answer is ‘D’ with which i’m not satisfied. Could you also please share your comments on this one as well?! 🙂


My advise to the ones who’s gonna take the exam would be not to accept all Testking answers as correct. Make some research on questions whose answers seem wrong to you. Also share your concerns with others for sure! 😉 ( At least with the ones whose first aim is to LEARN, not to get certified! )



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