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Exam 70–536 : TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation

Posted by zieglers on January 8, 2007


I want to write some comments about 70-536 exam. I got this exam today and passed with a score of 965 (over 1000). This means that I had 2 wrong answers out of 45 questions.

Firstly, I’d like to say that there are a lot of unambigious questions. I know, this is a general comment about Microsoft Certification Exams and you can come across this statement in many blogs. However, I’ll be more specific in this posting and point out some questions (splinters) in my mind.


Q.1. You need to write a multicast delegate that accepts a DateTime argument and returns a Boolean value. Which code segment should you use?

   A. public delegate int PowerDeviceOn ( bool, DateTime );

   B. public delegate bool PowerDeviceOn ( Object, EventArgs );

   C. public delegate void PowerDeviceOn ( DateTime );

   D. public delegate bool PowerDeviceOn ( DateTime );

I answered ‘C’ for this question. Could someone please explain me why ‘C’ is wrong?

( If you look at the Testking answer for this question, it says ‘A’! If ‘A’ is the right answer, why?!? )

 Q.2. You work as a developer at Company.com. You are creating an assembly named Company1. Company1 contains a public method. The global cache contains a second assembly named Company2.

You must ensure that the public method is only called from Company2. Which permission class should you use?

   A. GacIdentityPermission

   B. PublisherIdentityPermission

   C. DataProtectionPermission

   D. StrongNameIdentityPermission

I answered this as ‘A’. However, Testking guys say that the correct answer is ‘D’ with which i’m not satisfied. Could you also please share your comments on this one as well?! 🙂


My advise to the ones who’s gonna take the exam would be not to accept all Testking answers as correct. Make some research on questions whose answers seem wrong to you. Also share your concerns with others for sure! 😉 ( At least with the ones whose first aim is to LEARN, not to get certified! )



49 Responses to “Exam 70–536 : TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation”

  1. tw said

    “it accepts a DateTime argument and returns a Boolean value” … correct answer should be D

    public delegate bool PowerDeviceOn ( DateTime );

  2. Eng. Mohamed Ramadan said

    i will enter the exam tomorrow
    but i think
    Q1 : Answer:D
    Q2 : Answer: D

  3. Eng. Mohamed Ramadan said

    Q1 : Answer:D
    Q2 : Answer: A

  4. zieglers said

    So, Mohamed! How was you exam? Please feel free to share your comments about it. 🙂 Any ambigious questions???

  5. linda said

    What about Trancender…is it a better choice to TestKing?

  6. zieglers said

    I can’t say that one is better than the other. I checked both and what i realized was both had some wrong answers along with wrong and misleading explanations.

    I’d suggest you to try the ambiguous questions yourself and give the answer suits you best. This is ok if you are experienced with the subject already.

    If you are starting from scratch and need a complete course, maybe you can try to find MOC material of the course and study with the virtual harddisks specifically prepared for each lecture.

  7. Ovidiu said

    Mohamed are you sure about Q2: Answer A ? I think is D because just checking for being in global cache does not imply Company2. However using a strong name, you can be sure of it

  8. lm said

    I agree with Ovidiu. An assemlby with a strong name may not be in GAC.

  9. lm said

    One question. Why PublisherIdentityPermission is not a correct answer?

  10. Subbulakshmi said

    Can anyone please tell me the correct answer for the above 2 mbigous questions? Please

  11. ocso said

    Q1: Answer: A
    (comment: Multicast delegates must contain only methods that return void, else there is a run-time exception.)

  12. ocso said


  13. ocso said


  14. zieglers said

    The benefit of multicasting is that you can combine several handler methods in a list so they are all bound to a single delegate object. When Invoke is called on the delegate object, the MulticastDelegate class provides the code to execute every handler method in the list.


  15. gigi said

    Q2 is definitely D.
    GacIdentityPermission == anything in the GAC (not a particular assembly).
    PublisherIdentityPermission == if publisher P created company1 and company2, they have the same permission.
    StrongNameIdentityPermission asserts a particular strong name, which means a specific signed assembly.

  16. zz said

    I vote:

    Q1: A
    I thought multicast delegates had to return void, but I’ve also read of returning int. So to return a bool value, you had to get that as a parameter passed in. Confusing.

    Q2: D
    If you check msdn for definitions, GacIdentity only verifies an assembly is coming from GAC. StrongNameIdentity verifies the assembly is who it should be. In this case, the question says it must come from Company2.


  17. zieglers said

    Q2 is D, for sure. GacIdentity verifies in general, that is nothing specific is applied to any particular assembly. However, as for Q1, it’d be great if someone could post a working example. I still think it is C due to common ‘has-to-return void’ comment.


  18. zz said

    Did the test say you answered Q1 wrong or are you just assuming? I just ran a code sample from http://www.programmersheaven.com/2/Les_CSharp_10_p2 and using a bool return value in a multicast delegate runs fine, but the return value is the one coming from the last function in the chain. That implies D may be correct.

  19. zieglers said

    My detailed report shows that i had 2 incorrect answers: 1 from security and 1 from interoperability, reflection, mailing (just 1 from those three). So this shows that, as for Q1, Microsoft accepts C as a correct answer.

    Also as for the code you tried, did you try with only ‘int’ type as a return value and did you try only primitive types or boxed types as well? Can you be more specific? Can you guarantee the calling sequence of the functions will exactly be the same as their registered sequence? (i mean add, subtract and max for your example)


  20. Tommy said

    I just passed 536 on second attempt. No previous experience with .Net and C# and using mostly just the Training Kit from Microsoft Press. The score wasnt all that, but I passed. I had to study real hard to grasp all the material and the exam I failed was easier than the one I passed (from what I recollect).

    After reading your post and comments I dont understand why you, Ziegler, so openly broadcast that you use braindumps….
    It kind of makes the certification-gifs on this page less valuable, imho. :-/ (no offense)

    BTW: Multicast delegates should not return a value because they are multicast and only last return value will be returned (which would be a silly way to code imo), and Strongname-alternative is pretty obvious, isnt it?

  21. zz said

    So then Q1 is a trick question by stating they want a return value of Boolean when it’s not possible? You can use return values in multicast delegates and call GetInvocationList () to get the return value from each function in the chain.

    Btw, I copy and pasted the code from the bottom-most sample, and changed void to int and then tried changing int to bool. And including a return 1, return 2, return 3 from each. So the correct answer is unknown. But if Microsoft wants C, so be it.

  22. Tommy said

    Zz: To understand why returning bool in a multicast delegate is bad design, you need to understand what multicast delegates are:

  23. Patrick said

    Re Q1: I just took the 70-536 test today, and passed (Yay!), and had a very similar question. The question did NOT say it returned a bool type. I chose answer C. In all of my study I never came across the terminology “multicast” delegate, so I chose the standard delegate syntax. If the Q said return bool, D would be the obvious answer. Only event delegates take an Object and EventArgs as arguments.

  24. Patrick said

    Re: Q2 – I answered A too. StrongNameIdentity permission might be correct too. I never came across it in my study.

    Files are either in the global assembly cache, or they are not. There are no variations to the permission granted, so all GacIdentityPermission objects are equal.

    Use StrongNameIdentityPermission to achieve versioning and naming protection by confirming that the calling code is in a particular strong-named code assembly.

    I would say, StrongNameIdentityPermission is the correct answer. GacIdentityPermission is only identifing if it resides in the GAC.

    Bad question!

  25. ® said

    > I answered ‘C’ for this question. Could someone please explain me why ‘C’ is wrong?

    > ( If you look at the Testking answer for this question, it says ‘A’! If ‘A’ is the right answer, why?!?

    You answered your own question there. TKs are notorious for being WRONG. They always have been!! The only reason they’re so famous is because there are more people that DON’T know the difference between the RIGHT answer and the TK answer.

    You’re not only cheating yourself when you use those braindumps, you’re also cheating the people you work for, the people you work with, and your mother (did she NOT tell you that cheating is wrong?)

    CertGuard has a good thing going there and you’re all just ignoring it. They’ve presented lists of GOOD practice materials, links to every place you can go to get information on the good and the bad materials, and they’ve got a forum for you to ASK questions in.

    There is NO reason that any of you should be cheating on these exams…unless you’re not smart enough to pass them on your own. Are you not smart enough?

  26. kyawsanwin said

    I passed 70-536 exam at 11 April !But any wellcome mail doesn’t receive! This is my first exam ! What can i do that ? If anybody knows that please mail to me ! kyawsanwin@gmail.com

  27. zieglers said

    It normally takes 1-7 days to get this mail. For example, whenever I get an exam (usually I schedule it via PearsunVue), I see the status is being updated to ‘Pass’ on the same day in PearsonVue Site. The next day, I see the transcript updated accordingly and get exam survey mail from Microsoft.

    By now, you should have been sent a welcome mail for sure. Maybe you want to contact them: Microsoft Regional Service Centers


  28. Hub said

    Zieglers, I do not understand the meaning of your question.

    You select a void (delegate) function, and you ask why it does not return a boolean value. What is a void function, according to you ?

    About TestKing, it is right that for 70-528 it proposed to validate a JOIN between two tables by ensuring that both tables wear the same name, but the same question was asked again elsewhere in the same file with the correct answer.

  29. mahmoud1980 said

    and test king says the answer is “D”.

  30. rbmakwana said

    A special feature of delegates is that a single delegate can encapsulate more than one method of a matching signature. These kind of delegates are called ‘Multicast Delegates’. Internally, multicast delegates are sub-types of System.MulticastDelegate, which itself is a subclass of System.Delegate. The most important point to remember about multicast delegates is that “The return type of a multicast delegate type must be void”. The reason for this limitation is that a multicast delegate may have multiple methods in its invocation list. Since a single delegate (or method) invocation can return only a single value, a multicast delegate type must have the void return type.

  31. rbmakwana said

    Q1: Ans : C
    Find the exact implementation at below url


  32. shahrukh1 said

    Can anyone please help me where i can find the dumps? Are questions same as TK and Actualtest? I have to take this exam this month. Thanks

  33. gravz84 said

    I just took my 536 today and both these questions figured in the test! Really surprised. I didn’t know they had such a small pool of questions.
    I scored a 1000 !! Full marks! and I didn’t use any braindump, but yes it was my second shot. I took the first a week back and think i just fell short by 1 question scoring 675.
    I would recommend that everybody study for the exam by reading the training kit, doing every practice test & take some extra practice at measureup. In 1 month you should be prepared even if you’ve been working on .NET for only a year.
    I had worked only on .net 1.1 before the preparation.
    Do have to say that its easier the second time since some of the questions are similar or same pattern. Braindumps on the other hand will give you 0 knowledge and no confidence in the test subject. So everyone can pass the test if well prepared, if not the first then the 2nd time. Also to improve on the 1st test, I confirmed answers to questions I was unsure of(as closely as I could remember them) from MSDN’s references. This here is a good compilation of all that is required for 536: http://www.cygen.com/msexams/msdnsg70-536.aspx
    I was unsure of about 4-5 questions but got them all right, that was luck.
    I was unsure of the 1st question too but I got all right so my answer must be right :p.
    I answered D but my question didn’t have return a boolean value, only accepting a Datetime, so in the case of returning a bool it could be C.
    Q2 of course answer is D.
    All the best to everyone.
    Anyone taking 528 after this? I am waiting to see what changes .NET 3.5 brings. The path to MCPD 536->528->547 or similar for windows app dev is changing.

  34. gravz84 said

    sorry I typed C instead of D for q1. It was the other way round.
    C if only has to accept a Datetime and D if also has to return a bool.

  35. peacejoy said


    Would it be possible to post the testking questions in this forum?


  36. bharatt said

    hi guys,
    i have start preparing for 70-536, can any1 pls help me
    for materials/blogs/links from where i can prepare well
    get proper guidance to score gud in exam.


  37. jayoscar said


    Me too, I was start on prepare exam for both 70-528 & 70-536 in the same time.
    Just grab myself some MOC stuff from emule…

    Now looking for more test engine and stop by here…

  38. bharatt said

    hi guys,
    i have start preparation, i want to know the exam pattern. is there any simulation in the exam or only mcq’s or else?. pls let me know

  39. chandz said

    I’ve prepared for the 70-536 paper . Could anyone please send me the latest multichoice papers pelase . It will really help me . kindly advice me if someone already cleared recently
    Are there any simulations in 70-536 paper ?
    Also send me the link or attachment for question n answers dumps if any

    Thanks in advance

  40. jazzright said

    iam also looking for the materials of 70-536. Can some please share with us.

    looking for your cooperation

  41. certifyinfo said

    I am going to appear for 70-536 on may 15th , can anyone know the question pattern , plz send me any materials and latest dumps to my mail certifyinfo@gmail.com

  42. shagamatula said


    I am going to appear for 70-536 late June, can anyone know the question pattern , plz send me any materials and latest dumps to my mailas well.
    Thanks guys..

  43. nickmasao said

    I took the 70-536 exam this month and passed on first attempt.

    This is how I studied.

    1.Read the prep kit cover to cover, did the practice tests many many times till I was missing just 1 or 2 questions.

    2.Read the book, Programming VB 2005, The Language by Francesco Balena,. This book was also helpful,most of the topics are in the exam.

    3.You need to be a developer to pass this exam.You need to know the stuff. You will answer some questions based on actual programming experience.I also advise to do all the labs, and suggested practices in the training kit.They will help a lot.

    All the best.

  44. sqlguy said

    Guys heads up: download all the latest dumps over here:



    actually download any dumps here just replace Xs with the paper numbers, incase of MS papers just put 0 in the first digit… chao!!!

  45. tummala99 said

    Hi all,

    I am planning to take 70-536 exam.Will it have any simulation questions like 70-431?

  46. Hi,
    Preparing for exam 70-536.Any Updates for this exam.

  47. hey friends,
    Very recently i have cleared my Exam 70–536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation
    But i am unable to get the digital certificate. can you guide me in this way? Do i need to write still more exams oe what? I am BE fresher having knowledge of only .NET 2.0. What could i do to get my certificate of the exam i have cleared.
    thanks in advance.

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