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After Exam: 70-528

Posted by zieglers on January 16, 2007

Exam Passed

Today I passed 70-528: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Web-Based Client Development with a score of 965 again, just like the previous one, 70-536.

I was expecting to get 71 questions, however # of questions was 45. I guess, this varies from region to region. Looking at my score, I can say that I had again 2 wrong answers. I know one of it. Here is the other one that I’m suspicious about:

Q: You create a Web application. The Web application enables users to change fields in their personal profiles. Some of the changes are not persisting in the database. You need to raise a custom event to track each change that is made to a user profile so that you can locate the error. Which event should you use?

A. WebAuditEvent

B. WebEventManager

C. WebBaseEvent

D. WebRequestEvent

My answer was C. However, since WebAuditEvent is inherited from WebBaseEvent and in the question it is stated that a change tracking should be implemented, I thought WebAuditEvent might be more suitable. What do you think?

My next step in the certification step will be 70-431. Also if you know anything about ‘simulations’, I’ll be glad if you can share your knowledge. What are they? How simulation questions are answered? Things to consider while answering them…


9 Responses to “After Exam: 70-528”

  1. ace said

    do u happen to have a 528 dump?

  2. zieglers said

    You can find some from P2P programs. However, I should warn you about the questions. They can be really misleading. It’s good to have a look at them after you study the metarial, but never study them ONLY and enter the exam. You can’t get anything from that, I’d say…


  3. avanikjv28 said

    hey can u just mention the Exam Qs pattern of 70-528?when did u giv this exam? does this exam two sets of question -one part is objective n 2nd part simulation question jus like 70-431?
    pls help me .waiting for reply

  4. mschecker said

    Today I passed 70-528 with a score 1000/1000. There were 45 questions. This exam does not include any simulations. Before the exam you could choose the questions for C# or VB.NET. The questions are indentically, but surely the source code syntax differs.

    All questions are from ePad v2.29 (2008/01/21) with a total number of 180 questions.

  5. sawyertom said

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope that I am in the right spot. I am taking the 070-528 Exam in a couple of days. I believe that Actualtests has version updated on 12/27/2007 and pass4sure has a version updated on 11/11/2007. I looked at them and they appear different. Any suggestions on what I should use for a test in mid-February 2008 or maybe I should use something else. Any help is appreciated. Any suggestions on how I can fine ePad v2.29 (2008/01/21) mentioned in the above post. Thanks.

  6. peacejoy said


    Would you be kind enough to upload epad v2.29 on this forum or in a sharing site like rapidshare.com?

    Many Thanks
    Let peace and joy prosper.

  7. chandz said

    Does anyone know what is the answer of the drag drop questions from epad v2.29 ? and how to solve that one ? I am bit confused with that one ? Question is :
    You define a composite control to capture’s user’s data You use the following class declaration
    Public class DateofBirth :CompositeControl
    You need to ensure that Webcontrols support templates
    Which four code segments shoud you use ??

    Kidly advice .. I am going to write this exam on MOnday .. I just one day in my hand … Your advice would be great

  8. retransformer said

    Hello, I am taking the 070-528 Exam in a couple of days. Does anyone has new updated collection of questions? I have two version of questions (Actuel Test and TestKing). These tests are from March and July 2007. Can anyone help me?


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