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Exam 70-431: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005—Implementation and Maintenance

Posted by zieglers on January 23, 2007


Today I got my 3rd TS exam, TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005—Implementation and Maintenance. I passed with a score of 982. However, this time it wasn’t easy.

I can say that whoever underestimates the difficulty level of this exam will get a huge disappointment, especially when (s)he faces with the first simulation question. 🙂

This is an hybrid exam. I mean, you’ll find questions asking you to make single/multiple selections. Besides, you will also get simulation questions which simulates the SQL Server 2005 Management Studio environment. Since I got the test this morning, let me give you some hints about simulations.

There were 12 simulations and 40 single/multiple selection questions in the exam. Btw, I got the exam in Toronto, Canada. The number of questions may vary in different regions.

1 – installing a sql server instance, server2, with the same features and configuration of a given example instance, server1.

2- finding out view(s) causing error while reporting and deleting them. you need to figure out errant view(s) by looking at their SQL statements. Not that easy, I’d say! Good Luck! 🙂

3- killing a process with an open transaction.

4- fixing a view which causes error while inserting rows.

5- creating a database with the given details. To answer this question, you need to know the difference between RAID0 and RAID1.

6- creating a linked server and implementing the impersonation.

7- modifying a user-defined function which calls a CLR procedure which attempts to write to local file system. Ok, here is the hint: Know how to deploy assemblies and the meaning of Safe, Unsafe and External_Access 😉

… and some more! I can’t remember the rest now. 😦 If I do in time, I’ll add them as well.

 This is not a kind of certification exam that you can pass only by studying testking or braindumps, sorry guys! You need to know how to navigate through the Management Studio and also where you find the specific properties of objects.

It’s so easy to fail the exam if you don’t do good at simulation questions. Only solving the others won’t save you!!! The thing I like about the new generation of Microsoft Certifications is that not only it examines the theory but also the practice and experience you have on the subject.

To conclude, ensure that you had enough practice with Management Studio before you get the exam!

Good Luck!!! 🙂



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