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Posted by zieglers on March 26, 2007


Currently, I work on an integration project with SAP and MOSS. Within this project scope, I needed to investigate what WebDAV is. Here is a small description of it:

What is WebDAV?

Briefly: WebDAV stands for “Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning”. It is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.  

What are the Goals of WebDAV?  

The goal of WebDAV is to resolve the current limitations in global information sharing i.e. to provide an “open” solution to existing editor collaboration problems. Note existing collaboration problems include:

+ No collaboration industry standards (each to there own)
+ Uncontrollable Email Submissions
+ Cumbersome Document Integration (e.g. Document Merging) 
+ Documents are vulnerable to being lost in the ether
+ Clumsy Versioning
+ Requirement for people to change there preferred editors (clients)
+ No seamless Client to Document accessibility

Ultimately WebDAV will provide us with an open protocol that will support Distributed Web authoring, administration and browsing. A bit like the way your organisation may already support Intranet collaboration through Wiki and CM tools. If you want to find out more about WebDAV, i suggest you to visit the official WebDAV site: http://www.webdav.org/

Some Major Uses of WebDAV 

The WC3 charter states its goal is to “define the HTTP extensions necessary to enable distributed Web authoring tools to be broadly interoperable, while supporting user needs.”  Following that line of thought, some major uses of WebDAV might include: 

+ Using a DAV server as a Remote Data Repository

+ Using a DAV server for Collaborative Authoring

+ Supporting Distributed Software Engineering

+ Developing a Remote Document Management System

In the coming weeks, as I proceed further in the planning phase of the project, I guess, I’ll be writing more detailed stuff about it..


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Just a Delusion of Silence

Posted by zieglers on March 23, 2007


Transfixed… I gaze through my window at a world lying under a shroud of frost. In a
forlorn stupor I feel the burning of staring eyes, yet no-one is here. Detached from reality,
in the knowing of dreams, we know the entity of ensuing agony waits to clasp us in its cold
breast, in an empty room. We awake and it¹s true. I dreamt of the sun’s demise, awoke
to a bleak morning. In the emptiness I beheld face for the dead light is a foretelling of
what will be….. I saw a soul drift from life, through death, and arrive at Elysian fields in
song. Yet I stand in a dusk-filled room despondently watching the passing of a
kindred spirit… and there is no song… just a delusion of silence…

It’s been more than 8 years… still I listen to Anathema!!!


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Readjustment for Swatch Skin Chrono

Posted by zieglers on March 19, 2007

Swatch Skin Chrono 

You have been enjoying your Swatch Skin Chrono for several years, everything was fine about it, and one day you realized that it didn’t work. You didn’t freak out. Basically you took it to a watch repairer and had the battery changed. (Guess what?! The battery model was Renata 377 SR626SW 6.80 * 2.60 / 1.55 V 😉 ) After this you have a good reason to freak out: Minutes, Seconds and 1/10 Seconds Counters are NOT aligned to 0… 😦

To deal with that issue, I found a Swatch store on the weekend and asked for instructions to realign the counters and hands. After applying the instructions step by step, once again I was inspired by intelligence and quality lies beneath the Swatch brand. 🙂

Here are the instructions…

Adjusting the chronograph (ex: after battery change or a hard shock):


1. simultaneously P1+P2 until A, B and C complete the cycle.

2. P2. A completes a whole a cycle.

3. P1 to align A.

4. P2 again, and B completes a cycle.

5. P1 to align B.

6. P2 again, and C completes a cycle.

7.  simultaneously P1+P2 again, to complete the readjustment process.

 The watch will acknowledge this procedure with a revolution on all displays. If P1+P2 are not pressed within 5 seconds, the watch will carry out the acknowledgement function automatically.

A –> Minutes counter (60 minutes)

B–> Seconds counter

C–> 1/10 second counter

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Toronto’da pide yemek: Pizza Pide

Posted by zieglers on March 15, 2007

 Yimirtaliii Pideee

Ne zamandir Turkce biseyler yazmamisim. Hemen yazayim. 🙂

Efenim, az sonra, bu aksam yemegi icin burda, yani Toronto’da, Pizza Pide denen bir yer var, oraya gidicem. Toronto’ya geleli yaklasik 6,5 ay oldu ama farkettim ki kokorec, iskender yememe ragmen ben hala pide yememisim. Bu boyle gitmez diyerek hemen basladim sormaya sorusturmaya nerde yeriz pideyi diye. Herkes ani yeri soyledi: Pizza Pide!

Menuyu gordugumde ilk farkettigim sey Turkiye’deki pidecilerimizde bile bu derece cesitlilgin olmamasiydi. Siz de bakin siz de gorun: http://www.pizza-pide.com/menu.htm 😀

Walla simdiden agzimin suyu akmaya basladi… Hangisini yesem acaba ya?!?! 🙂 Sucuk da satiyolarmis, kendi imalatlari. Ondan da cakayim iki kangal! Of, of, of, offf!!! 😀

Daha fazla dayanamicam. Bu post da boylece biter. Ben yemege gidiyo…….

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