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Readjustment for Swatch Skin Chrono

Posted by zieglers on March 19, 2007

Swatch Skin Chrono 

You have been enjoying your Swatch Skin Chrono for several years, everything was fine about it, and one day you realized that it didn’t work. You didn’t freak out. Basically you took it to a watch repairer and had the battery changed. (Guess what?! The battery model was Renata 377 SR626SW 6.80 * 2.60 / 1.55 V 😉 ) After this you have a good reason to freak out: Minutes, Seconds and 1/10 Seconds Counters are NOT aligned to 0… 😦

To deal with that issue, I found a Swatch store on the weekend and asked for instructions to realign the counters and hands. After applying the instructions step by step, once again I was inspired by intelligence and quality lies beneath the Swatch brand. 🙂

Here are the instructions…

Adjusting the chronograph (ex: after battery change or a hard shock):


1. simultaneously P1+P2 until A, B and C complete the cycle.

2. P2. A completes a whole a cycle.

3. P1 to align A.

4. P2 again, and B completes a cycle.

5. P1 to align B.

6. P2 again, and C completes a cycle.

7.  simultaneously P1+P2 again, to complete the readjustment process.

 The watch will acknowledge this procedure with a revolution on all displays. If P1+P2 are not pressed within 5 seconds, the watch will carry out the acknowledgement function automatically.

A –> Minutes counter (60 minutes)

B–> Seconds counter

C–> 1/10 second counter


2 Responses to “Readjustment for Swatch Skin Chrono”

  1. beatinu said

    Thanks for the information.
    It didn’t work for me at first until I realized that the watch can’t be in timing mode when you perform readjustment. The counters have to be at “zero position” (which isn’t aligned yet).

  2. p7389 said

    I owe you (both)… Great instructions!

    Now I just need a manual for the chronograph functions (bought it second hand)…

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