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Installing SAP NetWeaver04s using Rapid Installer

Posted by zieglers on May 10, 2007

In this post, I’d like to share my experience on Installing SAP NetWeaver04s.

To begin with, I want to state that I’ve been trying to install it since last week and just managed to

complete this morning. Did have any troubles? Oh, yeah, a bunch..

First I started with downloading the installation materials. You can get the CDs/DVDs from Sap Market

Place – Software Distribution Center: https://websmp209.sap-ag.de/swdc

(In the treeview) Go to Download -> Installations and Upgrades ->Entry by Application Group. Then from

the page content, select SAP NetWeaver. Here on this page you have several choices as shown below:


Select SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver 2004s -> Rapid Installer. Depending on your platform, you can

choose platform dependent installation options. I installed on Windows Server 2003 R2 – Standard Edition

and SQL Server 2005. Not to mess up my own environment, I used VPC with 1280 MB Ram and 80 GB harddisk



You have to install SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition with a default instance. Don’t use named

instance. I tried it and wasted my 2 days. I had an error on pahse 19 ‘Import Java Dump’, couldn’t solve

it, then I uninstalled and re-installed with default instance, and it worked.. 🙂 Also there is a very

very important detail while installing SQL Server 2005. You have to install it with server collation

SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_BIN2…!!! One more thing, I used JDK version 1.4.2_09.


Before starting the installation, ensure that you logged on with a domain account and this account is a

member of Domain Administrators.

You need to download 7 files from SAP Market Place: 51032614_1, … , 51032614_7. Namely, you need to

download SAP Rapid Installer NW 2004s SPS11. (as of 27.04.2007) I recommend you to use SAP Download

Manager. It is much faster.. 🙂


After downloading and extracting the files, copy the installation folders to your hard drive. I don’t

recommend burning them to disc. Then, start the installation by executing sapinst.exe in the folder


There are 34 phases for this installation and everything is preconfigured for you. You only need to

provide a few necessary details such as SAP System ID, master password, … etc.

After starting the installation, YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT!!! I took 6 hours for me to come to Phase 34 and

7 more hours just to start the services on Pahse 34. 🙂 Actually, I even got an error at phase 34 saying

that the instance couldn’t be started. Then I started it manually using sapstartsrv.exe under

\usr\sap\{SAP_System_ID}\JC00\exe\ folder. Check the situation of the services from sapmmc. You can find

it on your desktop after the installation. You need to see something as follows. All process should be

running for jlaunch.exe.


If you are sure that everything is installed properly and all processes are running. Then you can logon

to the system. Default port is 50000. Simply go to http://{hostname}:50000/. You should see SAP J2EE

Start Page as follows.


You can also logon to Enterprise Portal from the URL: http://{hostname}:50000/irj/portal. For the first

time you have to use user: administrator and enter the master password you provided at the installation.
Then, what you’ll see is this:


Well, that’s all about it. Little bit patience + technical knowledge + dedicated time = SAP NetWeaver

2004s 🙂 (on a single machine, even a virtual one 😉 ). If you have questions related to installation

problems or details, please feel free to comment here. I’ll be more than happy to answer. 🙂


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