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Exam 70-443 PRO: Designing a Database Server Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Posted by zieglers on July 25, 2007

Database Administrator 

First of all, I’d like to say that i’m sorry for the delay for this post. I should have opened this 70-443 thread before, however i was on vacation. Now, I’m back and as we did for 70-431, we can start discussing questions and share our experiences on 70-443 exam.

Please, feel free to comment, so that we can have a common discussion environment for this 1st exam on the way to MCITP: Database Administrator.

I’ll also open the threads for 70-444, 70-631 and 70-630 soon. I’m pretty sure that there is a bunch of people out there interested in WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 exams as well.

Let’s get started, folks! 🙂


627 Responses to “Exam 70-443 PRO: Designing a Database Server Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005”

  1. krajeck said

    Zieglers thanks you for creating a blog for the 70-443 exam. I am doing the exam in 2 weeks and I am finding it quite consuming from the point where the case studies are long, however I will post more info shortly. Thanks.

  2. tandanda said

    yep bro, lets rip it, i got some TKs, p4s in pdf and vce, will be glad to splash dem…
    hevent taken the exam tho…

  3. zieglers said

    Hi Tandanda,

    Feel free to share the links for them, so that everyone can get a starting point to discuss.


  4. jackbab said

    Hi Everybody,

    Its time to get the next one out., 70-443 – Designing a Database Server Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

    Just started preparing … Guys who have already completed 70-443, pls share your experience…, Am planning to take this month itself.

    Zieglers, thanks much for creating this blog..

    will post some PDFs.,

  5. jackbab said


    please find attached a sample PDF questions for preparing 70-443.,


    ping me if you have some problems in downloading it. Will try to post more.,

    good luck .

  6. fedorovmatt55 said

    This exam seems tough! I just finished the Microsoft Self-Paced Training Kit and thought that it was very well written. (Took me near three months to complete it, 600 pages) I recommend it. Right now I am study for the exam through some Microsoft practice exams and plan to take the exam within the next month. Is there anyone who has taken this exam who can tell us a little more about it. Correct me if I am wrong: Four 5-page case scenarios with 10 questions each…so 40 multiple choice. Is this exam hard? How should I go about studying for this exam? I thought the 70-431 was easy, how does this one compare?

    Also, Jackbab I cant seem to download your file.


  7. tandanda said

    and also:


    find link ‘Download file’ on the page

    • danebpillay said

      Hey Tandanda…..

      hope ur well..
      I’m writing 70-443 in two days time….please help me out.I need any testking vce.
      can u email me at danebpillay@5fm.za.com or point me to a link that works….cos the one above doesnt seem to work.
      I would really appriciate it..

      much thanks

  8. krill said

    Hi! Has anyone taken the test yet? How is it differ from the AC practice? How long did it take to complete? Was it hard? Please share!

  9. rajnish101 said

    Zieglers, thanks for creating room and blogs for discussion. Have you also created a blog for 070-444? If not then do you plan to start that one too?

  10. mgagnon said


    On the pdf document that Tandanda has provided, I believe the answer for question #6 is wrong. It should be Full Backup daily at 23:00, Differential ackup Four times per day at 8:00, 12:00(noon), 18:00, and 21:00 and Transaction log backup Hourly during business hour. This backup schedule covers the requirements in the Recoverability section.

    What do you think?

  11. rajeshkasturi said

    Any one completed 70-443 Here If so Please share your expereience and what are the dumps you parepared for this exam.

  12. jackbab said

    hi mgagnon,

    Yes you are right, that should be the correct answer

    Your Solution :
    Full Bak : Daily at 23:00
    Diff Bak : Fourtime per day, 8/12/18/24
    Tran Bak : Hourly, during business hours

    And note that you ARE voilating the below given statement in the Recoverability section

    “differential database backups should be performed only once during business hours”

    The answer can Also be like this :-

    Full Bak : Daily at 23:00
    Diff Bak : Twice per day, at 12:00 and 22:00
    Tran Bak : Hourly, during business hours

    By this you are NOT voilating the rule :
    “differential database backups should be performed only once during business hours”

    But you ARE voilating the following rule :
    “No more than six backups should be required for any data recovery”

    Recoverability Section says :

    ## Business requirements allow for up to one hour of data loss.

    ## No more than six backups should be required for any data recovery.

    ## Company policy was revised to state that full database backups should
    not be performed during businedd hours.

    ## And differential database backups should be performed only once during
    business hours.

    So, By this we understand, with any combinations of answers we will voilate atleast 1 rule or more.

    what you all think abt this. Ofcourse the answer given on the PDf is totally wrong.


  13. rksingh024 said

    Does 70-443 has simulation questions?

  14. prophet2000 said

    I will go to test on this Tuesday.
    I am not sure about these several drag and drop problems:

    Four time :Full
    Daily: 12:00(noon): different
    Hourly: Trans

    Account : Transact
    Market : Snapshot

    15 minutes
    30 minutes


    all trans log since



    all the answeers above from Version 1.0 or testforsure.
    But i am still not sure about them.
    Does anyone have good suggestion?


  15. prophet2000 said

    hi ,
    just passed 70-443 with 850/1000 in twenty minutes.
    6 cases with 56 question.
    all the questions from braindump version 1.0,
    no new questions.
    I met several drag and drop problem, still not sure.

    thanks zieglers!
    thanks everyone!

    now go to 70-444.

  16. nieko said

    Congrats Prophet2000!
    Hope I will pass too, I’ll take the exam in about four weeks. But please tell me, where can I find Braindump version 1.0? Thanks in advance.

  17. prophet2000 said

    hi Nieko,

    use emule,
    you could use the search function and then you could find a lot about that, download them.

    good luck!

  18. rksingh024 said

    Hi prophet2000,
    Is braindump v1.0 is same as file mentioned in post 7. If not can you please share the same or tell us what to search for.

  19. prophet2000 said

    hi Rksingh024,

    thank you.
    I just checked post 7, that ‘s a update version,
    include older version, it’s better and enough for
    the true test.
    the key of this test is that some problems and answers
    are similar,you need to memorized exactly.
    to keep all this kind of questions correct.
    some drag and drop problems are not sure ok or not,
    but we only meet some of them.

    i use emule to find useful stuff,
    go to http://www.emule.com to download one,and install,
    in the search function, try”443″,or other key words,
    then you could find a lot useful things.

    good luck!

  20. nieko said

    Hi Prohet2000, I found some usefull stuff in emule. Thanks. But I still can’t figure out what version of the braindump you mean. Is it the newest or just not? Can you send the braindump you used to me?

  21. jackbab said

    Hi Everybody,

    Completed successfully 70-443 with 910 out of 1000 had 6 cases with 56 question. ( 70-431 with 880/1000)

    Had Questions from the following scenario:

    Trey Research
    Datum Corporation
    Margie Travels
    Coho Vineyard
    Prossware Inc
    Consolidated Messenger

    thanks to Everybody & specially to zieglers.

    Will post more by tomorrow, with a PDF.

    my next target is 70-444, should do it well. !

    guys if you need any help, pls ping me.

  22. zieglers said


    Thanks for sharing!


  23. jackbab said


    This is what I did to prepare for my exams. You can use this model if you like it.

    (1) Read this book for less than a month cover to cover.
    Designing a Database Server Infrastructure Using
    Microsoft Sql Server 2005 – Self-Paced Trainning Kit
    — J.C Mackin and Mike Hotek


    Understand the concept by taking the practice exams.

    (2) Whoever writing this exam should have access to mcp member area.
    They can read some articles by going to the below link.


    Its good to read articles on :
    Disaster Recovery
    High Availability
    Performance Tunning & more.

    (3) Practice question. Please go through each and every questions.
    and make notes stating why the other answers are wrong. By this you
    will get a clear picture how to act on different scenarios.


    You all will surely pass this exam. Good luck friends.
    I can help you with all your doubts/questions.

    Good Luck ,


  24. nieko said

    Thanks Jack!
    Keep us informed on 70-444 too please.

  25. jinxguy23 said

    i finshed writing 70-444 proably end of last year….if u guys need help let me know

  26. nieko said

    Please share Jinxguy. Thanks in advance.

  27. jinxguy23 said

    its the same question like any other exam….let me know if any1 need those question

  28. rksingh024 said

    It would be great u could share the questions.
    Zieglers, If not already created, can you please create a thread for 70-444. From 70-443, next would be 70-444.
    I am planning to take 70-443 next Saturday.

  29. jackbab said

    Hi Rksingh024,

    Good Luck on your exam.,

    Check the below link for 70-443 scenarios.


    Zieglers : Pls open a thread for 70-444 where we can discuss.
    Will be writing 444 the exam soon have not decided the dates.

    gud luck guys,

  30. mercenary2k said

    hi jackbab, just wondering the pdf you posted on Post #29, is that the test you got?

  31. boorba said


    I passed today 955/1000.

    all cases study were the same, pass4sure 70-443 v2.29(http://www.4shared.com/file/20880966/7f147598/70-443_v229.html)
    and Jacks_70-443.pdf (post 23)

    Thanks jackbab, Zieglers, and please open a thread for 70-444…

    Thanks to everyone here!

  32. jackbab said

    Wow Boorba , you are superb ! gud to know your score….

    Yes mercenary2k , got same questions,.. but pls note – as I told you please go through each and every questions and make notes stating why the other answers are wrong.

    By doing this you will get a clear picture how to act on different scenarios.

    Also note that there are no restrictions on time for individual scenarios and do keep up the time. (220 mins for all scenarios)

  33. rksingh024 said

    Hi All,
    Taken test one day before as tomorrow is holiday here in India.
    Passed with same score as boorba 955/1000. 6 case studies, 56 questions. All from pass4sure v2.29.
    Case studies were:
    1.Coho Vineyard
    2.Prossware Inc
    4.World wide importers
    5.Southridge video
    6.Consolidated messenger
    Thanks zieglers, Jackbab and others for all your comments.
    Next 70-444.
    Zieglers, we are waiting for 70-444 thread to open.
    Test materials can be downloaded from http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showforum=44

  34. mgagnon said

    Hi All

    I’ve taken the test yesterday and scored 895/1000. All scenarios and questions were in p4s and documents provided in this tread.

    1. Consolidated Messenger
    2. Datum
    3. Margie
    4. Proseware
    5. Coho Wineyard
    6. Trey Research

    Starting to read the book 70-444 now.

    Good luck

  35. motioneye said

    Hi anyone can provide interactive test exam for this test? I would like to annswer the questions to grade my competency level and also to remember all the questions

  36. dkscorp said

    Ich have a question….
    I would like to do the 70-447 as a upgrade.
    Have done the 431 and it wasen’t so hard.
    But would like to know if any one have done this test and waht material the used.


  37. rksingh024 said

    Use pass4sure as given in post 31 and Jacks_70-443.pdf as some questions are only in specific set. Don’t go by name of case study, both cover same case studies with different name.
    Gud luck for exams.

  38. motioneye said

    In COHO Vineyard Q5 drag and drop question: I drag with top to bottom as Full Backup – DiffBackup1 – TailBackup – LogBackup3 but the interactive test put me wrong here and it sorting on reverse way with the first on top is LogBackup3 – TailBackup – DiffBackup1 – Full Backup

    So which one are correct now??

  39. rksingh024 said

    Almost all pass4sure drag-drog answers are incorrect. But actualtests has correct answers. Note: as Jackbab says one has to focus on why other options are incorrect.
    For this question correct answer is: Full-Diff-LogBackup-TailBackup.

  40. motioneye said

    Do we have 70-444 forum on this blog??

  41. shaft1 said

    Anyone else have trouble opening the PDF that Jackbab uploaded? Tried it twice and Adobe gave me an error that the file has been corrupted.

  42. shaft1 said

    Unlocked PDF here</a.

    This is the book that Jackbab uploaded I’ve unlocked it so it can be printed. “Designing a Database Server Infrastructure Using
    Microsoft Sql Server 2005 – Self-Paced Trainning Kit”

  43. jackbab said

    Hi Friends,

    Have uploaded the PDF , you can print too.
    check the following link


    thanks shaft1.,
    rksingh024 – Great ! Gud to know your score.

    Guys, good luck & post your doubts we can try our best to solve..

    others, How is 70-444 going ?!?

  44. shaft1 said

    Thanks Jackbab, That file opens just fine! I’ll try to find the PDF unlocker app and post the link to it. Very useful for these Ebooks.

  45. mercenary2k said

    hi guys, i am planning to write this test in the 1st week of october

    i just want to know has the changed at all?

    I have the pass4sure version v.2.29

    Is this test still being used or have they changed it?

    thanks a lot

    please let me know

  46. nieko said

    Passed the exam with 895/1000. Suits very fine to me ;-). Thanks to all of you here!!!
    All questions in the documents in these threads.

    On to 70-444!!!

    Zieglers, when will you open this thread? I hope soon. Thanks in advance.


  47. mercenary2k said

    i am writing mine on thursday

    i am relying on material from this site only

    i hope i pass

  48. mercenary2k said

    yup I passed

    the entire exam is from pass4sure version 2.29 which is posted here

    now onto the last one

    someone please start a thread on the last exam

  49. jzh0mk said

    Hi.. I’m DBA from Brazil and I’ll try to pass on 70-443 next thursday… Oct 11 2007

    is pass4sure working for this exam ?

    Thanks in Advanced

  50. nieko said


    All the questions are posted here. Pass4Sure is surely working for this exam!

    Zieglers, how about starting 70-444?


  51. jzh0mk said

    Thank you for your answer.

    I had re-schedule my exam for tomorrow, and I’ll send the result and questions here.


  52. jzh0mk said

    Passed with 940. Pass4sure still working…

    thanks a lot

  53. freddy666 said

    Has anyone got a document with the Actualtests and Pass4sure errors corrected?

  54. aaiman said

    Can any one tell me that is there any difference of Jacks_70-443 and P4S question? Actually i want to know if I read one of them then another will cover?


  55. rksingh024 said

    I actually don’t want to write in this thread but since ziegler has not created 70-444, I am writing here.
    Good news is I have passed today 70-444 with 1000/1000. All questions were from ActualTests_v10.30.06.
    Now MCITP Certification is completed from my side.

  56. zieglers said

    Congratulations… 🙂


  57. nieko said


    My congrats too! And more thanks for telling us that all the questions are from ActualTests_v10.30.06 🙂 🙂
    I’m taking the exam in about four weeks.

    Anyone else took the exam?


  58. aaiman said

    Thank you and Congratu……to Rksingh024. now in this forum we got one MCITP holder…..just wast we are comming to you way………………….LOL……….

    Best of LUCK Rksingh024..


  59. aaiman said

    Rksingh024 we are wating to your Advice in this forum for 70-444 exam … PLS Update us …

  60. klausnordmeyer said

    In the ActualTests pdfs posted here, only a few of the answers have explanations.

    If you puchase the exam from ActualTests, do you get explanations for all the questions? (Is ActualTests.com the url to use to purchase?)


  61. rajnish101 said

    Please confirm, does Actual test has same set of questions as pass 4 sure?

  62. prax112 said

    Hiya, does anyone have answers to the 70-444 exam if so can u please email them to prax112@hotmail.com


  63. rksingh024 said

    You can use following file for 70-444. It has good explanation and all questions were from this only.

    Other file that you can use for practice.

  64. jackbab said

    70-444 is the easiest when compared to other two (431 & 443)
    please do concentrate on the below given topics :

    ## Auditing types, usage
    ## Afinity mask
    ## DAC – Sql Browser / DTA – Index partitions
    ## DMV/Trace/System Monitor – Counters
    ## Isolation Levels / Locks
    ## Linked Server – Collation
    ## MBSA / WSUS usage
    ## RAID Levels – 1/5
    ## Replication types
    ## Report Subscription types/user level
    ## Security Configuration & Analysis tool – Secedit.exe
    ## Try…Catch / Schema Binding
    ## UDTs types

    If you are strong on the above mentioned areas you are good
    to appear for 70-44. Good Luck guys.,

    [ Ziegler, please feel free to move my post, if you have
    plans to create a new thread for 70-444, thanks ]

  65. jackbab said

    Dear Friends,
    Have passed 70-444 with 984/1000, As rksingh024 said
    All are from ActualTests_v10.30.06. Got 52 questions and
    I should have missed couple of questions in the exam. Anyway
    got MCITP – DBA certification completed.

  66. jackbab said

    Thanks to everybody & Ziegler ! without this blog it
    should have been very hard to get the certification.
    Thanks a Lot friends.

    Have uploaded 70-444 – V10_30_06 PDF in the below given link.
    ( Jacks_070-444_V10_30_06.pdf )

  67. NotDarkYet said

    ActualTest, question 32: You need to insure that all communication with CertKiller 4 is secure as possible. What are two possible ways to achieve this? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution.)

    The answers in the PDF are B (set ForceEncryption option) and C (listen on port 443).

    I would think that answer A (set the Windows IP Security Policy on the SQL Server computeres to require security) seems more of a complete solution than answer C.

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

  68. NotDarkYet said

    Does ActualTest provide explanations for answers when you buy the 70-443 exam prep?

  69. guyi said

    Hi guys, I have passed today 70-444. All questions were from ActualTests_v10.30.06, so dump is valid. Thanks RKsingh for sharing the links.

    I am giving 070-443 coming weekend.

  70. crimdon said

    I passed 70-444 with 984…easy exam really. Most of it seemed to be just general trouble shooting with windows.

    I’m doing 70-443 next to complete my MCITP

  71. bonkster said

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’m planning 70-444 next week and preparing now with the Self Paced Training Kit + Actual Test 10.30.06, I’ll let you know how everything went.

    p.s. Ziegler, could you please open a 70-445 topic? I’m planning this one in December.

  72. crimdon said

    Try here for some 70-443 dumps (as well as loads of others)

  73. crimdon said

    Oops try again…


  74. crimdon said

    In the Coho Vineyard & Winery case study there is a drag and drop question about backups. Does can anyone explain what the tailbackup is please?

  75. craftyza said

    Ok I passed 70-444
    Doing 70-443 now. left it for last because there are a lot more practical stuff in the study material that takes time. Hope I am done by december

  76. nieko said


    Congratulations on passing 70-444.
    Can you tell us wether all your questions came also from ActualTests_v10.30.06?



  77. jackbab said

    Congrats Craftyza !

    Nieko , Yes all the questions are still from ActualTests_v10.30.06, One of my friend took 70-444 and completed successfully.

    Good Luck on your exams …


  78. bonkster said

    I got the Examn tomorrow morning so I’ll post here how everything went! Please wish me the best 😀

  79. sleeveofwizard said

    Does anyone have an update on the 70-443 exam?

    Are the downloads in Post #31 still valid?

  80. bonkster said

    Got it 🙂 94% done!
    Questions where from ActualTest 10.30.06 (70-444).

  81. sleeveofwizard said

    I’ve got the 443 exam on Tuesday… is 2.29 still working?

  82. aaiman said

    Hi Sleeveofwizard

    Congrast….. Can you tell me how many Questions on the 70-443 Exam and how many Case studies ad Time duration? I am going to sit for this exam with in 3/4 days… Pls inform me…


  83. sleeveofwizard said

    Sorry you misunderstood

    I’m WRITING my 70-443 on Tuesday and was wondering if the 2.29 was still valid and working.

  84. ktkrdl said

    Passed 70-443 with a 925 today. Now am preparing for 70-444 with the Microsoft Self-sybexPaced Training Kit. Is it also a case based exam?

  85. rajnish101 said

    Congrats Ktkrdl….

    pleased tell if questions are still the same. What all senarios were there and how many questions?

  86. ktkrdl said

    There were 6 scenarios with a total of 56 questions. All questions were from Actualtest version updated September 2007.

  87. nieko said

    Passed 70-444 with 968. All the questions were from ActualTests_v10.30.06.
    Thanks to all of you here, especially Zieglers for having this site.

    Next year I’ll do Business Intelligence. But first a few months nothing 🙂


  88. aaiman said

    Hi ktkrdl
    Congrast…can you PLS send this Actualtest version Upadted copy of 2007 for me through mail.


  89. joerookie said

    Hi all,

    Can someone let me know the exam pattern for 070-444?

    Does it have only 52 multiple choice questions from ActualTests_v10.30.06?

    or does it include any simulation q’s as 070-431 or any case studies as 070-443?


  90. nieko said

    Joe, all 52 questions are multiple choice. No simulations.


  91. joerookie said

    Thanks a ton Nieko…

  92. guyi said

    Hi, I am preparing to give exam 443 next monday, can someone confirm if pass4sure 2.29 still valid ot actual test version 06.01.07…..


  93. aaiman said

    Today 20th Nov 07 I have sitted for the 70-443 Exam and Passed. My Score is 835. Thanks every Body….. in this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am from Bangladesh(GMT+6).P4S 2.29 still valid. there was 7 case study and 56 Question.

    Next is 70-444^^^^^^^^


  94. shaft1 said

    Hey everyone, Passes 70-431 yesterday (940/940) and have moved on to this exam. In actual test 06.01.07. Question 2 (What versions of OS and SQL Server) the answer states A,D
    The question states that a 4 node fail-over cluster is used. the answer D has SQL Standard, but standard can only support a 2 node failover.

    Is there something that I’m missing in the requirements?

  95. vnemani said

    I just passed my 70-444 exam with 1000/1000 after 70-431.

    Thanks to all of you here, especially Zieglers for having this site, and Jackbab, rksingh024
    All the questions are still from ActualTests_v10.30.06. (from jack’s pdf)

    Now I am preparing for 70-443 and planning to use pass4sure 2.29 and actualtest version 06.01.07

  96. shaft1 said

    Me again, finding fault with atcual test 06.01.07.

    Question 32. Secure all communications with Certkiller 4
    the answer the have is B,C.
    B)force encryption
    C) use port 443

    how does using port 443 secure communications? just because port 443 is earmarked for secure web traffic doesn’t mean that SQL traffic will magically be secure using this port. since the requirements state that people outside the network need to use this this would kill any HTTPS traffic. Anything for that port would have to be redirected to the SQL server.

    Would not a certificate (configured at the same place in SQL config manager be a better choice?

  97. nagarajkg said

    i’m going to write exam 70-444 on this sat. i have ActualTests_v10.30.06 pdf and ActualTests_v03.27.07 pdf…and questions are entirely different..can i know which one i have to concentrate? pl.

  98. jackbab said


    For 70-444, Prepare on both versions and concentrate on ActualTests_v10.30.06.

    Its good to read ActualTests_v03.27.07 .

    Good Luck.

  99. shaft1 said

    Has anyone actually looked at the questions? I found another possible problem, #42, says to keep terminal services and disable the server services. No mention ot terminal services in the requirements. and disabling Server service would kill RPC…

  100. rajax2001 said

    Can anyone please upload 70-443 pass4sure v2.29 dumps?. Thanks

  101. peter12345 said

    Hi, Nagarajkg:

    How about your 70-444 exam test? The questions are still from ActualTests_v10.30.06? Please response.

  102. nagarajkg said

    Hi, Peter
    I have comp. 70-444 with 88%, but i found approx. 60% of the questions come from ActualTests_v10.30.06.
    thanks for creating room and blogs for discussion.
    Nagaraj KG

  103. peter12345 said

    Congratulation and Thanks, Nagarajkg!
    Can you tell the other 40% is from ActualTests_v03.27.07 or somewhere else??
    Where did you write the exam 70-444? I am wondering if this change is worldwide or in some particular countries. I am in Canada. Maybe I need replan, because I just focus on questions on

  104. nagarajkg said

    Hi Peter12345
    again i have gone through the AcutalTests_v10.30.06 and all from this version only..
    i am from India..focus on this version only..

  105. peter12345 said

    Hi, nagarajkg:
    Thanks a lot, I will rework through AcutalTests_v10.30.06, but I do not think I can make it this month, because I could not find an available day here in any test center.

  106. leor1moni said

    hai i passed the exam 70-431..so i plan to start 70-443 and 70-444…
    i need 70-443 questions and patterns ,i need p4s 2.29,i didn’t get it..plz anybody share the link

    thank u
    thanks zieglers for this forum plz create 70-444 forum it wil helpful for us

  107. leor1moni said


    i plan to take 70-444 exam within tis month,anybody please confirm about the questions?stil questions r from actual test10.30.06

    please reply


  108. vit2007 said

    I just took the 70-443 exam this morning. I got a 925/1000. It only took me 25 minutes. I used p4s v2.29 & actual test 9.24.07. ALL the questions were covered in both of these. Now on to 70-444.

    Good Luck Everyone & THANK YOU zieglers!

  109. leor1moni said

    hai vit2007,

    wil u plz upload the link of p4sure2.29 and actual test questions…

    thank u

  110. vit2007 said

    I downloaded it from post 31.

    By the way everyone, my co-worker is taking 70-447 the upgrade exam and noticed that question 8 of the .com senario shows a different answer than the 443 exam on the same question. Pass4sure & Actual test show B. Contract Writers while Actual Test for 447 shows C & E Project Managers and Editors. The senario & questions are exactly the same.

    I am know I missed atleast one question I think this one was it because I answered B.

    Good Luck

  111. snu155 said

    Took me forever to get through the 70-443 book, but it was well worth it, I was immediatly able to apply some of the lessons from the first 2 chapters to what we were doing at work, it is a good read.

    I got the pass4sure 2.29, and some of the drag and drop questions just seem wrong to me, but I’m studying up like mad on it, and hope to take the exam on the 19th. I’ll give you an update after I take it.

  112. snu155 said

    Shaft1 I’ve noticed some of the same things on pass4sure 2.29 here it is copied verbatim

    from the case Trey Research
    The company plans to implement a new SQL Server 2005 failover cluster. This cluster will have one instance for each of three databases that are currently on a mainframe computer. The three databases are named Research, Parts, and Engineering. These databases will hold mission-critical data. The configuration will use a four-node failover cluster to provide an N+1 configuration. This cluster will be named SQLCLUST.

    Question 8 from

    You need to identify the combinations of the Windows operation system and SQL Server 2005 versions that will be the most appropriate for the new R&D configuration, which will include the Research, Parts, and Engineering databases. Which two combinations will be the most appropriate? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

    A. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    B. Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    C. Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    D.Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition

    I answered A & C, only to be informed that I was wrong and that the answer was A & D

    Seriously!!!!!! you can’t run a 4 node cluster off of 2005 Standard….. My only guess is this is an error.

    Also all of the drag and drop questions that came with 2.29 are wrong thus far.

    One quick drag and drop example is also from the Trey Research Case

    question 6

    You need to design the backup schedule for the Customer database.

    What should you do?

    to answer, drag the appropriate backup type or types to the correct location or locations in the answer area. All locations in the answer area do not need to be filled.

    Under back up types you have
    Full DB backup
    Differential backup
    Transaction log backup

    Under the Answer area you have
    Twice per day @ 12:00 & 22:00
    four times per day @ 08:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 23:00
    Daily at 12:00
    daily at 23:00
    hourly, during business hours

    I matched

    Full DB backup with Daily @ 23:00
    Differential with Daily @ 12:00
    Transaction Log with Hourly, during Business hours

    again pass4sure says I’m wrong and that the answers should be
    Full DB Backup with 4 times per day @ 08:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 23:00
    Differential Backup with Daily @ 12:00
    Transaction log with Hourly, during Business hours

    again Seriously!!!!??? Full DB Backups 4 times a day, and one of them at the same time during a differential……. I’m glad that Microsoft is doing the free retry right now.

  113. peter12345 said

    Hi, vit2007: I am wondering which version is Actual Test 9.24.07? I downloaded from post31 too, there is a file “Jacks_70-443.pdf”, is this Actual test 9.24.07? I think this is Actual test 06.01.07 version, can you clarify this? Thanks!!

  114. guyi said

    Question 8

    You need to identify the combinations of the Windows operation system and SQL Server 2005 versions that will be the most appropriate for the new R&D configuration, which will include the Research, Parts, and Engineering databases. Which two combinations will be the most appropriate? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

    A. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    B. Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    C. Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    D.Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition

    Answer should be a) & b) only
    -SQL Server standard edition support 2 node cluster only hence D is ruled out.
    -Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition doesn’t support clustering at all , so option C is ruled out


  115. leor1moni said


    i plan to take 70-444 exam by next week…please update about tat questions?anybody attend the exam tis week?r t questions r same?is it from actual test 10.30.06


  116. vit2007 said

    I just took the 70-444 this morning. I passed with 968/1000. There were 52 mc questions all from actual test 10.30.06. No drag & drops.

    Thanks everyone I would not have gotten my MCITP without all your help!

    Good Luck.

  117. snu155 said

    Congrats Vit2007!

    Since Microsoft is offering a free second chance, and I’ve signed up for it, I’m debating going in and answering all questions straight off the the Pass4sure 2.29.

    Some of the drag and drops are blatantly wrong, and those I may adjust, but as for the questions I’m going to go 100% by the study guides and see what happens.

    I’ll take the test tom marrow and let you all know how it went.

  118. vit2007 said

    Here are the answers to the drag and drops that are wrong in 2.29. I got these from Actual test 9/24/07

    Trey Research
    1.Four Times per dat at 8:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00 – Full Backup
    Daily at 12:00 noon – Differential
    Hourly during Business Hours – Transaction log

    1. Create a stored proc that encrypta the data withthe certificate and create another sp that decrypts the data w/ the cert
    Create 2 sp that use ther cert to open the symmetric key. Have one of them encrypt teh data with the key and have the other decrypt
    Create a cert that is owned by HRApp the user
    Create a master key

    World Wide Importers
    1. Accouting Database – Snapshot replication
    Marketing Databse – Transactional replication

    2. Backup database differential – hourly
    backup log- Every Ten minutes
    backup log – truncate only –NEVER

    1. Restore most recent full backup for database
    Restore the most recent diff backup for database
    Rstore all transaction logs since teh most recent differential

    1.Use the WSUS console to approve update for the DQl test computer group
    Use the WSUS console to verify that update have been installed on teh test servers
    Run the validation scripts on teh test servers…
    Use WSUS console to approve compatible updates for the SQL Production…
    Use WSUS console to verify that the update have been installed on Production

    2. Full Backup
    Tail Backup

    SouthRidge Video
    1. Backup active portion of the transactioin log
    Restore the most recent full backup and use with no recovery
    Restore all but the final transaction log backups that have occured since differential and use no receovery
    Restore the final transaction log backup and use with RECOVERY and STOPAT option

    Also the question in Trey Research #3 the one with Pat and assemblies the answer in 2.29 is wrong it should be A & D With Permission set = External Access and Authorization dbo. It’s not Authorization = Pat because the case study text states all assemblies should be created with dbo as the owner.

    Hope this helps you for tomorrow.
    Good Luck

  119. snu155 said


    Thanks a million! I will integrate those answers into my studying this evening!

  120. snu155 said

    Hey All,
    Well I passed with a 925, on to 70-444 as I am now 2/3rd’s of a DBA : )

    I answered off the pass4sure for all questions except 2.

    The question from post 119 That Vit2007 spoke of

    “Also the question in Trey Research #3 the one with Pat and assemblies the answer in 2.29 is wrong it should be A & D With Permission set = External Access and Authorization dbo. It’s not Authorization = Pat because the case study text states all assemblies should be created with dbo as the owner.”

    and the question from post 115 that Guyi and myself discussed.

    As for the drag and drops, I put them in proper order from top to bottom.

    Full DB Backup
    Diff Backup
    Log3 Backup
    Tail Backup

    Full DB 4 times a day
    Differential at noon
    Transaction log hourly during business hours

    Use the WSUS console to approve update for the DQl test computer group
    Use the WSUS console to verify that update have been installed on teh test servers
    Run the validation scripts on teh test servers…
    Use WSUS console to approve compatible updates for the SQL Production…
    Use WSUS console to verify that the update have been installed on Production

    My thanks to Zig & Vit2007 & Guyi & my best wishes to all as they take their exams!

    i’m going to try to take 70-444 rather quickly while the free re-try is still up and running.

  121. shaft1 said

    Hey Snu155, Can you use the rewrite validation code that MS gives you on another exam? If you can that’s awesome! I didn’t think you could do that. My test center closed for the holidays so I missed out writing. If I can use the code then I’ll write 443 & 444 the same week if I can. I hoped to write 443 in January when the center opens again, if I haul ass I should be ready for 444 in January as well.

    Let all of us know if using the code works!

  122. leor1moni said


    anybody attend 70-444 exam by tis week?i’m having exam on 27th…r the questions r same and it’s from actual test 10.30.06?any updates…plz


  123. leor1moni said


    i’m having exam tmw on 70-444..any updates about t questions?anybody attend t exam by tis week..


  124. snu155 said

    Hey Shaft1,
    The code only works for one exam, but after you sign up for the free second shot, there is a link to get another validation code as you can get as many as you need for exams. I’m getting another validation code for the 70-444 test, I was going to try to do it this friday, but I didn’t have enough study time over the holidays so I’m going to take it Thursday Jan 2nd.


    you have to register to get the voucher, then when you pay you put the voucher number in. I like to register over the phone just to make sure that I hear a voice confirmation that the voucher was accepted.

    The second shot goes from Oct 15, 2007 to Jan 30 2008. And if you’ve already taken an exam but didn’t register and use the voucher you are out of luck. So make sure to get the voucher cause this is free insurance.

    Good luck to every one!

    And Leor1moni I got the pass4sure 70-444 and will be taking the exam next week, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  125. leor1moni said

    hai snu155,

    i took t exam 2day i got 1000/1000…all questions from actual test10.30.06…

    thanks to zieglers and people here for tis great forum…

  126. leor1moni said

    hai snu155

    i think u finish ur 70-443 exam..wil u plz share about the questions …from which material u got t questions

    and plz share t link for materials..i didn’t find it tat s

    actual test and p4sure…


  127. snu155 said

    Hey Leor1moni,
    I bought the Pass4sure test, studied it and reviewed the pdf that was on post number 43 that Jackbab posted and the questions and answers are the same from the PDF to the 2.29 version of Pass4sure. on post 121 I put the couple differences that I had, I did the drag and drops different, but the order is still very intuitive.

    But that pdf has word for word the case questions that you will see, study it and you are good to go!

    Good Luck, I’ll be taking 70-444 this Friday, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  128. peter12345 said

    Is anyone going to write 70-443 exam within this month? Please confirm if the questions are still the same as that in Pass4sure V2.29 or Jacks_70-443.pdf?
    I am going to write this exam in a few days.
    Thanks in advance!

  129. jitendra19 said

    Hi All,

    I am new to this blog.
    I am planning to give 70-443 and 444 in this month.
    Can anyone help me out and send me latest Q n A for these exams.
    Since the site http://www.4shared.com is blocked at my end I am not able to open it, can you please send me the site details where I can find the material for the same.

    Thanks in advance.


  130. jitendra19 said

    Hi All,

    Please also let me know the exam format. e.g. in 70-431 exam there were 32 question and followed by 12 simulation question. Do we have simulation question for 443 and 444?



  131. snu155 said

    Hey All,
    Just a quick post I passed the 70-444 exam today with 1000/1000! A quick thanks to all who participated in this blog and the 70-431 blog, my journey is over for this round, now I take a couple months break, and in Febuary it’ll be time to get the certs for SQL Server 2008.

    Good Luck to all!

    Jitendra19 I would suggest reading through the blog from top to bottom, alot of your questions have already been answered, and there are a couple different pdf links, they are all the same as the pass4sure stuff, Good Luck!

  132. leor1moni said


    i plan to take 70-443 exam by tis month..anybody attend tis exam by tis month..plz update about t questions..r t questions r same…til p4sure r valid

    anybody having actual test 9.24.07 plz send t link..it wil b very useful..plz

  133. leor1moni said

    hi vit2007

    r u having t version 9,24.07 plz post t link…

  134. leor1moni said

    hai snu155

    i can’t find t file which s posted in post 43…file not found it seems,wil u plz post t link of tat book son

    plz i plan to attend the exam within 2 weeks


  135. datasave said

    hello. i’m really interested in to know, what is the real Actualtest that works with the 70-444. I have the Actualtest 09.25.07 and the 10-30-06. Please, which is the most relevant in order to take the exam this week… Please is Urgent.. Thx a lot.

  136. leor1moni said

    hai datasave,

    i attend t exam last month end and all t q from actual test 10.30.06..so u concentrate tat…and u confirm for tis month


  137. leor1moni said

    hai peter12345

    did u wrote 70-443 exam tis month…plz update about t questions please..i plan to write by next week


  138. peter12345 said

    Hi, Leor1moni: I did not write the 70-443 exam yet, I also wish someone could update about the questions. Thanks.

  139. datasave said


    I attend today the exam 70-444. Obtain 968/1000, and yes is the actualtest 10.30.06. Concentrate in that at this moment.

    Now, i’m going by the 70-443. With the Actualtest 09.24.07, anybody have other info about questions…


  140. mschecker said


    Today I passed 70-444 with a score 910/1000. All questions are from Pass4Sure v2.29 / Actual Test 09.24.07. There were 6 case studies (each 7 – 10) questions. Total number of question were 50.

    Lassed week I made my first exam 70-431. All questions were from Pass4Sure v2.29. There were 35 questions and 12 simulations.

  141. lulu442 said

    Did you mean 70-443? I thought that pass$srue version 2.29 was for 443. Or am I getting confused?

  142. lulu442 said

    IPad v2.29…? Is this the same as pass4sure v 2.29 ? Does anyone know?If not, could someone please post pass4sure v.2.29 again. I cannot find it.

  143. mschecker said

    Sorry, I mean 70-443.

    Yes ePad v2.29 is the same than pass4sure v2.29

  144. mschecker said

    ePad v2.29 for exam 70-443 should have 112 questions.

  145. guyi said


    I passed the 70-443 exam with 940 yesterday. The dumps are still valid and holds good i.e. pass4sure v2.29 & Actualtest 06.01.07.

    – Do watch for question related to security, i believe answer of couple of questions are not correct in dumps as I lost on those.

    I am done with MCITP. Want to thank everyone in the forum and specially Zieglers for initiating this.

  146. peter12345 said

    Hi, All:
    I just did the 70-443 exam today with 955/1000, all questions are from pass4sure v2.29. Thanks a lot for Zieglers to keep this running and thanks to everyone to keep things updated.

  147. shaft1 said

    I just finished my 443 (score was 910) I used the Actual test 06.01.07 and I fopund a few questions that I had on my test not in the doc.

    I can only remember two of them, if I remember more later I’ll post again.

    #1 a question about protocols with a ISA server a web server and a sql server

    internet ISA1 Web1 sql4

    what ports should be blocked on each of the server?


    was similar to a question about creating nonclustered index on the Price field that was in the Actual Tests.

    there was a choice on creating a clustered index on the view or on the something.employee field.

    Sorry I can’t be more explicit…

  148. maria0350 said

    Could you please send me a copy of book “Sybex MCITP Administrator: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Server Infrastructure Design Study Guide (Exam 70-443)”

  149. vghattamaneni said

    You might want to look at post 23 by Jackbob

  150. leor1moni said

    i plan to take 70-443 exam by tis week…so plz update about t questions?stil from p4sure and actual test 9.24.07..


  151. leor1moni said


    i found different answers..wil u plz share which s t right answer for tis questions plz..

    in travel scenario
    q:to create a back up plan
    ans:in p4sure keep in the bulk logged recovery model change the…
    in actual test ans s change the recovery model to full add a diff back up…

    which s right answer.

    q 2: for configuring the storage
    ans in p4sure c and E
    ans in actual test c and d

    plz answer to tis question which s right?


  152. maria0350 said

    thx for link, but i need sybex-ebook, like http://www.sybex.com/WileyCDA/SybexTitle/productCd-0470047445,navId-290546,descCd-authorInfo.html

  153. sunshine31 said


    Could someone please share the pass4sure v2.29 (pdf)here.
    I have to sit for the exam in 2 weeks time 😦


  154. sunshine31 said

    Does anyone know if there are simulation questions for 70-443 like the ones for 70-431??


  155. lulu442 said

    The ePad v2.29 is the same than pass4sure v2.29. You will find it on by going to post number 33 and following the link.
    I am taking 70-443 tomorrow afternoon. I will post an update.

  156. l0ul0u said

    here Sunshine

    Exam Pack 70-443
    Report in the forum if there is any mistake 😉

  157. leor1moni said

    hai lulu442

    have u attend t exam?any updates?plz update about t questions..i’m having t exam on 25th


  158. lulu442 said

    Hello All…

    I just passed the 70-443 exam with 955. Everything was exactly as written in above posts.
    My scenarios were:
    Consolidated Messager
    Each question was identical to posts given,even down to the order of the questions. I agreed with and followed the following posts:
    When there was a descrepency between answers, I followed Actual Exam over Pass4sure
    Good Luck everyone…I am beginning 70-444 here.

    Anyone with news on the 70-444 exam pls post…
    I will continue my updates as I go.

  159. leor1moni said

    hai lulu442

    thank u for ur info…wil u plz answer t questions which i posted on 152…

    plz i’m having exam within 2 days…

  160. lulu442 said


    The full recovery model uses database backups and transaction log backups to provide complete protection against failure. Along with being able to restore a full or differential backup, you can recover the database to the point of failure or to a specific point in time.

    The bulk-logged recovery model provides protection against failure combined with the best performance. However,in order to get better performance, some operations are minimally logged and not fully recoverable.Under the bulk-logged recovery model, a damaged data file can result in having to redo work manually based on the operations that are not fully logged. In addition, the bulk-logged recovery model only allows the database to be recovered to the end of a transaction log backup when the log backup contains bulk changes. Therefore a point-in-time recovery is not an option.
    Hope that answers your question…

    So once again, based on the information above it looks like the Full Recovery model is the way to go.

  161. leor1moni said

    hai lulu442

    thank u for ur great information it helps me more…

    can i concentrate actual test 9.24.07 for all t wrong answers in p4sure…is tat material holds good..


  162. […] 參考網址 […]

  163. leor1moni said


    i attend t 70-443 exam 2day and i got 925/1000…all t questions from pass4sure2.29/actual 9.24.07….

    thanks to zieglers for tis great forum without tis blog i can’t able to get mcts and mcitp..

    thanks to jackab,lulu442 and 2 all who shared to tis blog about t exams….


  164. maria0350 said

    Please help me (post 153)

  165. mercenary2k said

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question.

    I am planning to write 70-444 this week.

    I have ActualTest version 10.30.06 and ActualTest version 09.25.07

    Which one should I study from?

    I checked the ActualTest website and 09.25.07 is the latest release but many people here are saying that 10.30.06 is still being given.

    So I am confused.

    Please help

  166. m00sey said

    mercenary2k …I too am studing for the 444 exam. Right now I am only studing from the older exam since reading the blog that what everyone is advising. I am taking the exam this week. hoping for Wed or Thurs, whenever I can get in.
    If anyone out there can provide me with some info I would appriciate it. Until them, i will continue to watch the site and post an update after my exam.

  167. jackbab said

    Hi m00sey/mercenary2k

    All the questions are still from ActualTests_v10.30.06,
    Its good to read the version 09.25.07 and it gives more

    We can be well prepared in worst cases.

    Like I said before 70-444 is the easier than the other two (70-431 & 70-443)

    btw : mercenary2k Are you named Vicky01 in http://www.sadikhov.com ??
    friends you can use the above mentioned website for the latest …

    How is everybody else doing ?…

    Best Wishes to you all.
    I am in ITIL preparation now.. Anybody instrested ?

  168. m00sey said

    Hi Jackbab…
    Thanks for the response. I am scheduled Friday and will update everyone.

    After the 70-444, I am moving on to Sharepoint. I believe the two will work very well together.

    If anyone is interested in Sharepoint Blog, or knows of a good one…PLease respond.

  169. m00sey said


    Sounds good. Lets keep in contact for the sharepoint exams. Possible others are intersted and we can get a group together for Discussions.
    I finished 70-443 last week with a score of 945. Let me know if I can help you with studies.

  170. shaft1 said

    Hey Jackbab, I was looking at the ITIL sometime ago and have it on my radar to look at more closely. I don’t have the time right now, I’m getting ready for 70-444 right now and after that I have to finish the 70-291 for the MCSA-MCITP combo. I figure my MCSE (NT4) is looking a little long in the tooth now. Do you have any resoures to share?

  171. ms431 said

    I am planning to give the 70-444 exam soon.
    Can some one plz provide info on ActualTest version 09.25.07.


  172. m00sey said


    See post 33, You will find everything you need.

  173. mercenary2k said

    Hi Jackbab,

    I am Vicky01

    If you come across any new ITIL dumps please let me know

  174. ms431 said

    Thanks!! for the info, m00sey.

  175. m00sey said

    Hey y’all…

    Just finished 70-444 with a 960.
    All the questions are still from ActualTests_v10.30.06.
    No suprises or changes.
    I’m moving on to SharePoint now….
    Who all is with me?

  176. m00sey said

    I am moving on to SharePoint, and will be at the Sharepoint LInk if anyone would like to discuss 70-444


    Anyone doing sharepoint come join me.

  177. jackbab said

    Congrats m00sey, so you are a MCITP now ! great !

    guys use the below link for 70-444, its still valid :

    Good Luck.,

  178. guyi said

    Hi mercenary2k,

    I do have dumps for ITIL version 2(i.e. EX0-100), got 1000\1000

    Here is the link for ITIL



  179. guyi said

    By the way, gave ITIL exams two week back only !!!

  180. sheetalprasad said

    Hi all,

    I am planning to take 70-443 in next week,please anyone give me a latest dump,also i need pass4surev2.29,

    Thanx in advance,

    Looking forward to….

  181. ms431 said

    Has any one taken exam on 70-444 recently. please suggest on exam types.


  182. sunshine31 said


    Has anyone done 443 recently?

    Coudl someone please share the actualtest 9.24.07.

    thanks a lot.

  183. amritgilll said

    hello sunshine31
    I have just finished my 443 on 14th feb.. questions are from actualtest… got a score of 895..just a few doubts over the drag and drops…do double check them ..

  184. sunshine31 said

    Thanks amritgilll and Congratulations! Great score 🙂

    Do you mind sharing the actualtest 9.24.07 if you have a copy?

    Thanks and Regards.

  185. kopipedes said

    Hallo guys, does anyone have “self-paced training kit” for 70-444 ??? Thanks before 😀

  186. ms431 said

    Has any one taken 444 recently?

    please suggest on exam types.


  187. amritgilll said

    Sorry Sunshine I have deleted them but it is there on post 74

  188. seanachim said

    I am taking the 443 exam next Monday. I will give feedback as to whether or not much has changed afterwards.

    Question: From the downloaded SelfExamEngine PDF (Jacks_70-443.pdf) the first case study on the Trey Scenario case study 1, question 2 the answers provided includes D:Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with SQL Server Standard Edition, but Standard Edition only supports a 2-node cluster and the planned changes is to setup & use a 4-node failover cluster.

    The only configurations that allow for that is A & B

    or am I missing something here?

  189. shaft1 said

    Hey Seanachim, I agree with you, I had the same question about that. I followed the PDF and ended up with (I think) 991/1000. They may be wrong but if the test is wrong then two wrongs make a right…

  190. seanachim said

    Okay, so I am getting a little frustrated with the sample questions.

    The most recent example is the Coho Winery case study, question 6.

    Please can someone tell me why one would want to do a log restore AFTER you have restored your tailbackup?

    I mean, the point of doing the backup with NO_TRUNCATE is so that you have the final picture of data just before you start the restore process right? So you restore the full backup, then the diff done at 12:00, you are then supposed to restore log done at 16:00 and FINALLY restore your TailBackup.

    Now the problem is:
    Am I supposed to give the answer provided in the simulation in the Exam, knowing it is wrong and hoping that the adjudicator is going to mark the wrong answer as right, thereby knowing that I must have studied off a simulator
    Am I supposed to give the right answer, knowing that the adjudicator probably doesn’t have a clue anyway and is just a piece of software that is checking what I have entered as answers and marks it wrong because my response does not match the expected database entry.

    @Shaft1 – I guess I have to wrap my head around the 2 wrongs thing and memorise the simulator’s incorrect responses, regurgitate them during the exam and discard the thought process once I have received the certification.

    Does any of this make sense to anybody?

    I think I will go to bed now since it is 1:30 am in South Africa and I will try to pick this fight with a worthy adversary on another day.

  191. seanachim said

    Passed 70-443 today. Exam was practically the ones cited here.

    Got a score of 850, which was disappointing, but this is probably because I wanted to put what I felt was the correct answer down, when the answers given in the forum showed what I should be saying.

    I still would like some clarity on that though.

    In the exam they do say that some of the questions are not marked, but I am confident of all of my answers.

    Anyways, now onto 70-431.

    Thanks for this forum, it would have been a lot more challenging without it.

  192. sunshine31 said


    Has anyone taken this exam recently??


  193. abraham1234 said

    hi seanchim,

    I am preparing to write the 70-443 exam in 2 weeks from now,can u pls giude me and also let me knw which dumps to go through,Does the patter or the question change from last 1 yr.

    Thank you

  194. ealcanizgmailcom said

    Hi I will do my exam 70-443. Could you let me know about exam? are there theorical and simulations? Where I can get the simulations?

  195. jljljl said

    In Trey research, question 6, why full backup four times a day? Full backup is not allowed during business hours. Is it supposed to be differential backup four times a day, full backup daily at 23:00, transact backup hourly during business hours?

  196. abraham1234 said

    can any one let me know wht would be the pattern for the exam 70-443 and can anyone share the dumps with me pls,,its urgent

  197. manpower25 said

    Hi guys,
    I am completed 70-443 today with 910/1000.All questions are from

    Now onto 70-444.
    Did anyone take exam70-444 recently.
    Still do we get all questions from ActualTests_v10.30.06 pdf?
    how would be the format?

    pls reply me asap bec i am planning to give it in next week..thxs once again to everyone

  198. jordanlin said

    Hi Guys,

    I just passed 70-443 today with 925/1000. All questions are from
    pass4surev2.29 and Actualtest 070-443_20070924 ,but if the answer that pass4sure is different from AT.I followed the AT .

    Now onto 70-444 ,same with manpower25 .The same question with hime.Does the ActualTests_v10.30.06 still work for 70-444?I need you guys help and thank for everybody in this forum.

  199. manpower25 said

    hi Jordanlin,
    when r u planning to give 70-444

  200. jordanlin said

    Hi manpower25,

    I planed to take the exam next week ,how about you.

  201. ms431 said

    Can someone please put link for 70-443 Actualtests 9.24.07


  202. technovator said

    Ms431 search for it via a bit torrent program like “emule”

    I’ll take it you’ve also done your homework by studying. A good book for this exam is MCITP All in one Exam Guide by Gibson.

    You’ll frustrate yourself if all you do is try to use “actualtest”

  203. manpower25 said

    hi jordanlin,

    I too planing to take it in next week.Did u book the slot.when exactly(date) r u going to write the exam…All the best…

  204. ms431 said

    Thanks, Technovator

  205. jordanlin said

    Hi manpower25,

    I had passed 70-444 today with the score of 1000.There are 52 questions in this exam and all of them are from AT
    070-444_20061030 .

    Good Luck…^_^

  206. manpower25 said

    hi Jordanlin,

    hey thats Gr8 dude,Congrates…
    So whts next??

  207. aaiman said

    Hi every body.

    I am have cleared my 70-444, Now I am MCITP Holder, Thank you all of this forum members spacially Zieglers.


  208. hackfish77 said

    I passed 443 with score of 880, 444 next. all questions were from actual test

  209. jojo32 said

    i sat for 70-444 today, my score is 984, the questions are still the same (AT
    070-444_20061030), thanks Zieglers and all other forum members.

  210. fjf38021 said

    Does anyone have virtual Exams for 443 & 444 pls post the link if you can find anything.
    Many THX

  211. dba543 said

    Please post link for 70-443 Actualtests 9.24.07.


  212. naveensql said

    pls some one post the link for actual test and pass4u


  213. l0ul0u said

    I don t have the actualtest neither cqn someone please post it aswell

    But i mainly came for this… the drag and drop Datum is not correct anywhere

    Here are the answers to the drag and drops that are wrong in 2.29. I got these from Actual test 9/24/07

    Not correct!!!
    1. Create a stored proc that encrypta the data withthe certificate and create another sp that decrypts the data w/ the cert
    Create 2 sp that use ther cert to open the symmetric key. Have one of them encrypt teh data with the key and have the other decrypt
    Create a cert that is owned by HRApp the user
    Create a master key

    The correct answer is
    1.Create a master key
    2.Create a cert that is owned by HRApp the user
    3.Create a symetric key thqt is owned bu the HRApp user and encrypted with the certificate
    4.Create two stored procedures that use the certificate to open the symmetric key. Have one of them encrypt the data with the symetric key and have the other decrypt the data with the symetric key


  214. naveensql said

    Hi Guys,

    chk this link for 70-443 and 70 -44 dumps



  215. zieglers said

    Thanks l0ul0u for sharing the answer of Drag&Drop question. Seems like some/all D&D questions are wrong in Pass4Sure.

    What do you think about Coho Vineyard & Winery D&D question re backup squence?


    • krn045 said

      Please let us know how to open the .vce file to veiw all the questions? could you please provide the VCE software and crack details (free download of software and crack/key)?

      My email id : krn045@yahoo.co.in

  216. l0ul0u said

    What do you think about Coho Vineyard & Winery D&D question re backup squence?

    1. Full Backup
    2. DifBackup1
    3. LogBackup3
    4. TailBackup

    For me there is no catch. between 16 and 17:00, It says that the transaction log is still available, so you got the tail. And this minimize the number of restore. You not gonna take the full with all logs, wright..

  217. zieglers said

    I totally agree.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  218. fjf38021 said

    Hi Guys,

    I’m writing 70-444 on the 24th. Is there any one that wrote this in the past week? Would just like to know it the Q’s are still the same as AT 070-444_20061030?

    Many Thanks to all of you that posts the links to the AT’s ect.

  219. fjf38021 said


    Here is a big one for any MS, CISCO, LINUX, NOVELL.ect EXAM


    ZIEGLRS PLZ feel free to post this on any other of your blogs

  220. naveensql said


    Did any took the exam 70-443 . pls let us known abt the qn’s . are the qn’s same as per actual test/pass4sure.


  221. sunshine31 said

    Thanks l0ul0u and zieglers for sharing.
    One question thou, although I totaly agree to the answer of the drag and drops question, but does the test centers accept this answer for this question or the wrong answer stated in all the exam papers??
    Any comments on this is appreciated as I find it very confusing to answer a question wrong while I know the correct answer just to get marks and to pass the exam!

  222. desireemm said

    Can you take the 70-443 after you take the 70-431??

  223. fjf38021 said

    yes you can write 443 after 431

  224. enkeric said

    i’m a new member of this topic!
    i have passed my 70-444 exam this morming with 984/1000
    used materials : Actualtest 10.30.06 (valid still )

    but it important to that in the real exam, the answer are in ramdonize choices.
    in this case, i have wrote a vce file to help u!
    u can get it in examcollection.com
    file name: enk_eric_70-444.vce

    now my next target is 70-443 and i need materials to prepare it

  225. hackfish77 said

    finally the circle is complete…..I passed 444 today which makes me MCITP, much thanks to all of you and all your tips. I only scored 763 but a pass is a pass is a pass.Most of the questions came from 10.30.06 but they were some from the actual test 4.08.08. I used both of them to study just to be safe, but the greater majority came from 2006 version.

    Good luck to all who haven’t done the exams yet the site is an excellent guide

  226. fjf38021 said


    THX for the info VCE is mutch apretiated! Look @ my post 222 that shoul help you.

    I’m writing 444 today @ 10AM witch is in about 8 hours here in South Africa.
    Best of luck to every one.


    Please post the link 4 AT40808.

  227. fjf38021 said

    Does anyone have a link for a free VES for VISTA. I installed it on vista but when i open a VCE i can only view 5q’s at a time. The same file i installed on a xp pc & it regestered just fine…. PLZ help

  228. fjf38021 said


    This is also a good link to use!!!


  229. fjf38021 said

    I just passed 70-444 with 952
    I’m now 2/3s of a DBA!!
    Q’s still all out of 10.30.06. Now its on to 443

    Thanks to ZIEGLRS & everyone else on this blog thats been a help.

  230. enkeric said

    Congrats Fjf38021
    and well done!
    like i’m 2/3 of DBA and i hope that every thing will be ok next week!
    thx for the examcollection link about 70-443
    Good Luck for the next!

  231. desireemm said

    congratulations, what did you use as study material??

  232. naveensql said


    fjf38021/enkeric can you guide me which version of Actual test and pass4 sure material u r using.

    Any one recently took 443 .. please let us known abt the qn’s are same .


  233. desireemm said

    What about Pass4Sure is that a good stuy tool for this test??

  234. l0ul0u said

    Just in case:

    SouthBridge, simulation with the problem 11.45 or (23.45)

    Well It is in fact 11.45 in the morning NOT P.M.

    So the answer is

    1. Backup the active portion of the transaction log
    2. Restore the most recent full backup / No Recovery
    3. Restore all but the final transaction log since Full Backup / No recovery
    4. Restore the final transaction log backup, use WITH RECOVERY and STOPAT

    Reason is
    1. It is unlikely the boss work @ night 😛
    2. in the other scenario they use time format like 17.45

  235. enkeric said

    Hi naveensql!

    the mats i used.
    – Microsoft Official Courses
    – Actualtest 10.30.06
    to simulate the exam environement, i have converted this actualtest in vce file;

    here is the link where u can get the vce file.
    i haven’t used the pass4sure, in this case, i can inform u about his contain!


    Good luck for the next!

  236. enkeric said

    hi fjf38021

    i have downloaded a actualtest for 70-443 exam
    version 04.08.08 which contains 92 questions!
    but the D&D answers are not corrected!

    i have also downloaded the pdf file that Jacklab has posted (post 29)on this forum but as on the Actualtest the d&D questions haven’t been corrected!

    Can somebody tell if the update file exist now!
    JackLab, Zieglers and all of the member who have successfully comleted the exam i need ur help! i’m very confused about the D&D answer. and i’ll take the exam on next friday!


  237. naveensql said


    Those who took the exam . pls give us the correct answers to the Drag & Drop qn’s for 70-443 exam.

    pls provide the correct ans !!


  238. alishaikh said

    Hi All,

    Today I passed my 70-444 with 1000/1000. All questions were from ActualTests_v10.30.06. Only the Answer sequence was change, there were Total 52 Question, I completed my MCITP track… thanks for All

  239. desireemm said

    Alishikh where can we find AcutalTest??

  240. desireemm said

    Can i take the 70-444 before the 70-443 does it matter??

  241. alishaikh said

    Desireemm, you can get material from http://www.examcollection.com

    You can take 70-444 before 70-443.

  242. alishaikh said

    or you can download the pdf file mention in post 67


  243. desireemm said

    Thanks guys I appreciate it 🙂

  244. naveensql said


    Any one recently today 70-443 .pls update us abt the qn’s


  245. naveensql said

    This monday iam taking the exam . wish me good luck guys …


  246. ocjames said

    Thanks for posts Alishaikh! I’m taking 70-444 on Sunday. I’ll let you know how I do on Monday.

  247. kopipedes said

    Just passed the 70-444 with 952, thank you to all of you. Really useful information share here.. The 52 questions still the same source, from ActualTests_v10.30.06.

  248. enkeric said

    Well done Kopipedes and Congratulations!

    naveensql good luck for ur test!

    give us the news about the test after ur exam. i will may take it next week like u!
    best regards

  249. kopipedes said

    Thank you Enkeric, As you read in this forum for 70-444. There isn’t new surprise news, but the sequence of the answer its changed if we compare to the ActualTests_v10.30.06. Just make sure you read all the 70-444 Self Paced Training kit, and do some test simulation from Actual Test.
    Last but not least, good luck for you and all who want to take this test.

    my next project is 70-445 😀

  250. fjf38021 said

    Sory guys, i did not respond on any of the q’s as i was on holiday.

  251. naveensql said

    Hi Guy’s

    Passed the Exam ..

    enkeric thanks for the wishess :-)….

    Qns are same … but i felt like few New multiple choice qn’s (8-9) not the cases had been added .. but still the remaing 45 qn’s are from Acutal test and P4sure.. as metioned above..

    now to 70-444 . any one recently taken (70-444) . pls update us abt the qn’s . if any changes let us knoen..


  252. enkeric said

    i have successfully completed the 70-443 exams this morning with 895/1000 in 25 minutes.

    cases studies
    – Wide Word Importers (12 question)
    – South Video (12 )
    – Consolidate Messenger (10 questions)
    – Coho vineyard (4 questions)
    – Proseware Inc (8)
    – Contoso Ltd (10 questions)

    Carefull:: in proseware Inc case Study, i got two news questions that were not in the Actualtest 04.08.08 that i used.

    With this last exam i have finished my DBA cursus (MCITP)
    thank very much!!
    Good Luck everyone who wants take this exam and if u have problem it will be a pleasure to help u!

    Best reguards

  253. ocjames said

    Hi Enkeric,

    Thanks for the info. Did I read right that all but two questions were from Actualtest 04.08.08?
    Is this different by region? I’m in SoCal.


  254. desireemm said

    Whats the passing score for the 70-443??

  255. alishaikh said

    70-443 Passing score is 700

  256. l0ul0u said


    i have successfully completed the 70-443 exams this morning with 865/1000 in 45 minutes.

    Same questions as enkeric
    – Wide Word Importers ( 12 question)
    – South Video ( 12 )
    – Consolidate Messenger (10 questions)
    – Coho vineyard ( 4 questions)
    – Proseware Inc ( 8 )
    – Contoso Ltd (10 questions)

    There are some new questions. I coudn t take notes of it :/ but it is still possible to pass the exams with actualtest

    I am moving for the next exam 70-444

  257. desireemm said

    L0ul0u what state are you in
    Thank you Alishkah 🙂

  258. fjf38021 said

    Naveensql/Enkeric: Did you manage to get the correct ans. for the D&D q’s for 443?

  259. enkeric said

    Except Trey Case study, More D&D have been corrected in Actualtest version 04.08.08

    but the correct answer of Trey d&d question’s has been given here!
    Good Luck for the next!

    • nishnani said

      Can you please email me the actual test Version 04.08.08 pdf file for 70-443?
      I am taking this test tomorrow and have no help.
      Please help me.

      Thanks much.

  260. desireemm said

    what is the link for the acutaltest 4/08/08??

  261. naveensql said

    Hi fjf38021,

    Actualtest version 04.08.08 has updated DD’s also i followed the l0ul0u and few other views in the above form…

    desireemm ,
    chk post#217 u can download from there..


  262. desireemm said

    thank you Nav congratulations

  263. sarge4671 said


    Took the 70-431 yesterday and scored 940. I used the ActualTest 70-443 v6.1.07 and the Pass4Ssure v2.29. The Pass4sure had 12 scenarios and the ActualTest only had 9. But the ActualTest had more correct answers. So I used the Pass4Sure first and then where there was conflict between the two I used the ActualTest.

    Took the 70-444 today and scored 873. I used the ActualTest 70-444 v10.30.06 by eric exclusively. All questions from the tests were in the ActuaTest. As previously mentioned however, some of the questions had the answers in a different order.

    MCITP is complete, now to take a small break. Thanks for everyone’s input.


  264. sarge4671 said

    I know I am tired… Previous post should have started:

    “Took the 70-443 yesterday and scored 940.”

    Not the 70-431. Sorry.

  265. naveensql said

    Hi Guy’s

    Iam taking 70-44 this monday. wish me good luck ..

    will update regarding the qn’s..


  266. desireemm said

    I just got my MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit that Microsoft Recommends. I need to prepare for the exam, just knowing the answers isnt going to help unless you understand the question and hwo they got to the answer.

    Thanks guys for all the explaination you provide it helps allot

  267. rajneesh063 said

    Hi friend
    is ActualTest 70-444 v10.30.06 is sufficient for 70-444 exam
    if u have may other than plz mail me on my id rajneesh063@yahoo.co.in

  268. naveensql said

    Hi Guys,

    MCITP COMPLETED >>>>>>>>>>>> 70-445

    Thanks guys for all the information, helped me a lot……….


  269. binadamu747 said

    Has anyone from the U.S. taken the 07-444 exam? If so is the 06 version still valid or have they moved to the 08 set of questions?

  270. rajneesh063 said

    hi friends ,,plz help
    i m going to exam on 24 may
    is v10.30.06 still valid for 70-444
    waiting for ur reply ,,,

  271. piercgg said


    I got 865/1000 on 70-443. Has anyone besides me gotten that horrible question in the Consolidated scenario where you are suppose to decide which ports you would disable in order to increase security? You basically are given a choice of all the ports shown in the Server Infrastructure section of Consolidated (plus they throw in a few extra that don’t exist). You are asked which ports you would close to add extra security. Of course, this is one of those where it said “choose all that apply”.

    I don’t remember what I picked. I don’t know what is right.

    Otherwise AT in post #217 was good.

  272. golben said

    Hi everyone,
    I’m going to take my 70-443 exam on 30 May.
    I really appreciate all your hints, and I’ll try to take a note of the Topics of my exam.
    In the meanwhile it will be nice if all of you that are taking exams could report if the topics are still the same or not.
    Many thanks.

  273. piercgg said

    I had:

    1.Coho Vineyard
    2.Prossware Inc
    4.World wide importers
    5.Southridge video
    6.Consolidated messenger

    I took it yesterday, see message #274.

  274. rajneesh063 said

    Hello naveen
    I’m going to take my 70-444 exam on 24 May.can u plz
    give update regarding the qns ,, is is v10.30.06 still valid for 70-444 or moved to the 08 set of q

  275. naveensql said

    Hi Raj,

    yes they are valid ..


  276. kgandre1 said

    I had:

    Southridge video
    Coho Vineyard
    Prossware Inc
    World wide importers
    Consolidated messenger

    There are a few new questions coming up in each of the case studies though. So try to go through this preparation material in detail and really understand the case scenario.

    Without this Blog, its not possible to complete the Case studies in 20 – 30 mins !

  277. desireemm said

    Congratulations Kgandre1 I assumed you did pass the test though? I’ve been reading the Training Kit that Microsoft puts out the one that has the Measure Up practice test. Allot of reading but I’m learning allot

  278. rajneesh063 said

    hi every one . i got 963/1000 on 70-444 , q are still same it all from v10.30.06,,,
    now move to 70-443
    can u plz provide me dump for that ,, i going to exam on 31 may

    thank you

  279. g2-2dd70595545aae66e1c35e5eaced49e0 said

    Hello guys

    just passed my 70-443 this morning. Exact questions like message 279. Now towards 70-444 for my MCITP.

    Thank you

  280. rajneesh063 said

    Hi friends
    i have ActualTest 70-443 ver 07 and 08 but i didt have Prossware Inc
    case studies , can u plz provide me a link or maile me the dump in which Prossware Inc also present …thank you
    waiting for ur reply

  281. g2-2dd70595545aae66e1c35e5eaced49e0 said


    I think you have the case study for Proseware under a different name (Certkiller???). The case study is about technical content and the company is located in Seattle.


  282. fjf38021 said

    Hi Guys,

    Im writing on the 5th. Can anyone pls tell me what version of AT is the best to use for 443?

    THX for the help…

  283. rogers77 said

    How many question did you guys have for exam 70-443 and 70-444?
    Is it all multiple choice? Is there any similutions like 70-431. I have passed that one, need to get ready for these 2.


  284. piercgg said

    Rogers77, there are no sims on 70-443. It is multiple choice and drag-n-drop.

  285. piercgg said

    I have to take 70-444 soon. Is version 10.30.06 still the one to use or is it 04.08.08? If it is 10.30.06, can someone explain to me why 04.08.08 was published?

  286. skills36 said

    I took 70-443 today..

    Margie Travel
    Datum corp
    Consolidated Messenger
    Trey research

    I passed with 900/1000

  287. desireemm said

    Skills where are you from

  288. skills36 said

    Skills is from Hollywood, FL/

    Side note…taking 70-444 in two weeks
    any suggestions????

  289. fjf38021 said

    What did you use to study for 443?

  290. piercgg said



    Is anyone out there going to help me?

    What do I need to study for 70-444?

  291. fjf38021 said


    Read 232, you dont have to worry 444 is the easy one. When i wrote 10.30.06 was still valid. Read the blog to get the links.

    What did you use for 443?

  292. desireemm said

    what did you use to study?? skills??

  293. fjf38021 said


    Read 180

  294. nirmalbe said


    is any one recently finished 70-443 and 444, plz send me the url for download. to my id madurai.nirmal@gmail.com otherwise post the url here in the forum itself.

  295. skills36 said

    I used Testking 1.22.07
    and MS press (70-443)

    You should have no problems with those two.

  296. fjf38021 said

    Hi guys & girls,

    I just passed 443 10min ago & its all thanks to you and ZIEGLERS!!!

    I am now MCITP(DBA) 2005!!!

    I got:

    Margie Travel
    Datum corp
    Consolidated Messenger
    Trey research
    Coho Vineyard

    I Used AT 70-443.v6.1.07.by.tadak.9cases.fixed.over850scoreq &


    Read 294 & 296. If you read thru the blog you will fid all of the links you need.

    Again thx to everyone that shared & the rest of you stop being parasites!!

  297. deepak03 said

    Planning for 70-443 exam.

    Hi Friend

    I m MCTS (SQL SERVER 2005) and MCSA (Window SERVER 2003). Now I m planning for the 70-443 exam
    Please Help me out regarding exam question and Updates.

    Deepak Sharma

  298. deepak03 said

    Hi I used Actual test v26.5.2008 for exam preparation, is it ok.

  299. deepak03 said

    Download Microsoft Dumps Here


    using Search engine download any exams.

    Send You Reply
    After download it

    mailto: deepak.meerut@gmail.com

  300. lakshmi81 said

    Hi all,
    This is Lakshmi.I’m following this blog from a month or so. I want to thank one and all Since I SECURED 1000/1000 in 431 AND 850/1000 in 443 .This would have been impossible without this blog.Now I’m onto 70-444.I didn’t find much info regd this.Can anyone recently who attended this exam write more about it.Is Testking V10_30_06 still working.Its a mandate for me that I have to complete this exam by this weekend.
    So can anyone pls.. share.
    Thank You all gain.

  301. deepak03 said


    just passed my 70-443 this morning.

    Thanks for your support

  302. deepak03 said


    What do I need to study for 70-444?
    and also tells the exam structure, any update,no of questions… etc

  303. skills36 said


    You can use http://www.esnips.com
    They are a great resource for exams and tech books.

    Microsoft requires a minimum passing score of 700 on all exams. There are 50 questions and the exam last 90 minutes.
    This exam is questions and drag and drop. NO sims.

    I heard that its the easy one. Taking it 6/11/08 (tomorrow).

  304. piercgg said

    Congratulations fjf38021 !!!

    Thanks for the reply. Can anyone please email me the Actual Tests or Pass4Sure for 70-441 or 70-442. The website for 441 is not very active and I cannot get anyone to respond to me over there. My email is PIERCGG@YAHOO.COM

  305. lakshmi81 said

    Hi Skills36

    How did your exam go today?Can you pls share with us?Are the questions the same.
    I have scheduled my exam this Friday.

  306. deepak03 said

    One step behind for completing for my MCITP.

  307. skills36 said


    THANKS GUYS..you really helped me get my MCITP– Database.
    I’m finally done. taking —70-445 soon 🙂
    Actual test –70-444—10.30.06 is all you really need.
    I got 52 questions…2 hours…NO drag and drop..NO SIMS..
    Microsoft tries to shuffle the answers though..know the answers do not memorize order of the answer.

  308. deepak03 said

    Hi friends

    Can U tell me about 70-444 exam actualtest ver 10.04.06 is sufficient for Exam.
    Is 70-444 has any new version?

    Kindly Tell

    Thank You

  309. golben said

    Hi guys, I’m going to get my 70-443 exam in two days. Wish me good luck.
    I’v been using “70-443-ActualTest 04.08.08” I hope this will do the trick.

    I’ll try to let you know the questions.


  310. bigbenbotha said


    I have a problem with one of the questions from P4S.

    You need to improve the performance of the tempdb database on SQL1. Which two actions should you perform?

    A. Move the tempdb onto a faster disk volume.
    B. Increase the initial size of the tempdb to 1.5 GB.
    C. Increase the size of the data files in the Tracking database.
    D. Decrease the file growth increment for tempdb to 25 MB.
    E. Use more local temporary tables and fewer global temporary tables in the Tracking database.

    I would think the correct answers are A and B.
    P4S thinks the correct answers are B and C?

    Any comments?


  311. bigbenbotha said

    Wrote this morning. Got 980/1000

    had the following:

    Southridge video
    Coho Vineyard
    Prossware Inc
    World wide importers
    Consolidated messenger

    Used actual test 05.26.08 & P4S 2.73

  312. deepak03 said

    Hi Friends

    Today, I clered 70-444 exam and I secured 984.

    I have got 52 question out of 52 question, 2 questions r drag and drop.

    Now I am MCITP.

    Thanks Zieglers,

  313. raj23 said


    I am appearing for 70-444 and 70-443. For 70-444 i have downloaded 70-444 ActualTests_V_10_30_06 pdf file. Is this the correct file to go thrugh for the exam..

    For 70-443 i got only Jacks_70-443 pdf . Is this pdf enough for this exam..I couldn’t download any other files. Can anyone help me out in this ???

    Please advice.

  314. alexfromromania said

    Hi guys,

    I’m going to get my 70-443 exam in one week

    Please help me out regarding exam question or updates.

    thx a lot.

    mailto: dioniana@yahoo.com

  315. golben said

    Hello everyone,
    I had the exam 3 days ago, as follows:
    1) Trey Research (7 Questions)
    2) Datum Corporation (10 Q)
    3) Margie’s Travel (10 Q)
    4) Proseware (7 Q)
    5) Consolidated Messenger (7 Q)

    I’m not sure 100% about the number of questions but it should be approximately correct.

    I’ve been training on the following braindumps
    70-443-ActualTest 04.08.08
    70-443-ActualTest 06.01.07
    70-443-BrainDumps 07.21.06
    70-443-Pass4Sure v2.29

    but unfortunately I scored only 875, therefore this means that some of the answers are wrong.

    I’ve got 100% on the following sections:
    “Designing a Physical Database”
    “Designing a Database Solution for High Availability”
    “Disigning a Strategy for data Archiving”

    I’ve got around 80% on
    “Designing Security for a Database Server Solution”
    “Designing a Data Recovery Solution for a Database”

    I’ve got bad result (60%) on “Designing a Database Server Infrastructure”

    I hope this will help some of you.

    Good luck. Now it’s time for the last one 70-444!

  316. piercgg said

    Took 70-444 today. 936/1000. Used ActualTests_V_10_30_06

  317. maxdba said

    hi all here..iam going to write 70-443 nad 70-444 ,am bit confused to see many dumps for this two exams!!!!

    can anyone post the correct dumps for this two papers

  318. tokoloshi said

    Took 70-444. 925/1000. Used ActualTests_V_10_30_06 and the Actual Test engine. Test engine out of date, printed out the PDF and studied from that. I think that all of the questions came from the PDF.

    Took 70-431 2 week ago. 960/1000 All material from this forum – just follow the discussions.

    Took 70-443 2 months ago, 850/1000. All material from Zieglers.

    I got through these exams only because of this blog.

    My heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to Zieglers and all who have contributed to this space.

    Next on my list of to-dos is 445 and 446. I need to think carefully about whether or not I would like to add 441 & 442 to the mix as well.

    Right now though I intend taking a well deserved couple of weeks off from study.


  319. alexfromromania said

    Hi guys,

    I took 70-443 exam last week 910/1000

    this help me a lot: 70-443_Pass4Sure v2.29

    next one is 70-444 and i have a question regarding that. i can’t find pass4sure for this exam 70-444? if somebody can send me this on the mail i will appreciate.

    thx a lot.

    mailto: dioniana@yahoo.com

  320. sunshine31 said

    Hi all
    I have a question on the Travel scenario below
    You need to reduce the attack surface on certkiller 3 by disabling services that are not needed…….which 3??
    A. SQL Agent
    B. IIS Admin
    C. SQL Browser
    D.SQL Integration Service
    E. Terminal services
    F. Server service

    Answer in all papers are B, C, F. Assuming by server service they mean the SQL server service, how could that not be needed?????

    are the correct answers B,C,E??


  321. alexfromromania said

    B,C,F is the corect answer because Server service is not the SQL Server service.

    Server service is for “Supports file, print, and named-pipe sharing over the network for this computer. If this service is stopped, these functions will be unavailable. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.”


  322. jwa082276 said

    Could anyone tell me which version of testking or pass4sure to study for the 70-443 exam? I would really appreciate it.


  323. jwa082276 said

    Can someone please post a link to the pass4sure version 2.29 and the actual test version 09 24 2007 ? The links above all seem to be down for me.

    I would really appreciate if someone could do this as I need to take the exam in the next 2 weeks.

  324. alexfromromania said


    pls tell me where can i find pass4sure for 70-444 exam.

    all the other stuff i have it but i want p4s.

    thx in advance.


  325. gulabojain said


    I just wanted to thank you for this forum as I have successfully passed my 70-431.

    I am now going to give my 70-443.

    I have been following the post and downloaded the vce files, do I need to buy the single user license to open the vce files that I downloaded. Because when I try open the file I have to either order it or need the License to and Code to register.

    If anyone can guide me through this I would be very grateful.

    Thanks again to this forum.

    Gulabo Jain

  326. jwa082276 said


    Do you have the pdfs for P4SURE v 2.29?

  327. gulabojain said


    I do not have the p4sure v2.29 pdf.

    I have the actual test pdf.


  328. jwa082276 said

    Ok..what version? Is that version a good one to study?

  329. gulabojain said

    I have ActualTest v 05.26.08

    Thank You

  330. gulabojain said

    During the exam time for 443 can we go back to a case study or each case study is timed.


  331. jwa082276 said

    Can someone please post a link to pass4sure v2.29 and ActualTest v 05.26.08?


  332. gulabojain said

    jwa082276 try this link

  333. adkosc said

    ALL FYI,
    Last Friday I passed my 70-444 exam 952/1000

    All questions were from:
    Microsoft ActualTest 70-444 by enk eric 120q.vce

  334. seenu12345 said

    Hi Adkosc,

    Will u pls explain about the exam. [70-444]

    How many simulation and non-simulation questions.


  335. adkosc said

    Hi seenu12345,

    52 questions. There isn’t simulations in 70-444 exam only some drag&drop question but I didn’t have any.

    Best regards,

  336. sribusam said

    Still working for 70-444. 1000/1000. Used ActualTests_V_10_30_06

  337. seenu12345 said

    Thanks to Zieglers.

    As per Sribusan says, the ActualTests_V_10_30_06 is still valid. Two days before i completed the 70-444 and scored 984/1000.

    Now i am planning to 70-443. Any one pls post a link to pass4sure v2.29.


  338. rastuspnw said

    Passed 70-443 with stuff from here, and some of the practice tests files that you need to purcahse the player for. I would say about 1/2 the Drag&Drops are wrong on this thread. Some I know to be wrong Intuitively, like the encryption one. This was my lowest test score, but still over 800. It’s all good. Now waht to do with my time until 70-447 comes out for 2008???

  339. cooper111 said

    Hi guys!
    What do you think should be an answer for the following questions and why:
    (Trey, Question 9)
    You configure the new server SQLCLUST with the test version of the Research, Engineering and Parts databases. The data…
    A. Use the Delete statement to remove all test data from the three databases.
    B Run scripts on the production server to build all tables, views, and stored procedures.
    C. Schedule one or more jobs to move all data from the mainframe computer database to the new database.
    D. Build all indexes and update the statistics of all tables.
    E. Manually move all data from the mainframe computer to the new database by using the Select Into command.


  340. cooper111 said

    Hi all,
    What do you think about Question 9 (Travel):
    Q: You need to reduce the attack surface on Certkiller3 by disabling …

    A. SQL Server Agent service
    B. IIS Admin service
    C. SQL Server Browser service
    D. SSIS
    E. Terminal Services service
    F. Server service
    The official answer is B,C,F.
    I agree with D and C but why not Terminal service. If I understand Terminal service correctly it used for remote connection and the only remote connection required is with Certkiller2 not 3. Furthermore I searched for description of Server service and didn’t find anything (assuming it’s not SQL Server service). Any thoughts?

  341. seenu12345 said

    I am now MCITP(DBA) 2005!!!

    Thanks to Zieglers and every body.

    had the following for 70-443 and scored 835/1000.

    Southridge video
    Coho Vineyard
    Prossware Inc
    World wide importers
    Consolidated messenger


  342. alexfromromania said


    During the exam time for 70-443 you can’t go back to a case study, each case study is timed and when he is finished is finished


  343. erwinfletcher said

    Sitting for this exam next week. I’m confused by the posts on this site. Some say all the prep material in this forum is correct, yet others say there are problems with the material. Which is it??

    Can someone point to a post (or posts) that have information you consider to be current and viable?

    Thanks in advance.

  344. mysteriousaus said

    70-443 just complete mine… 900/1000 Still working…

    Thanks for every one…

    Just read Actual Tests… that should do

  345. pass1000 said

    Pass 070-431 Yesterday with a score of 1000.That was really great. I’ll like to start reading for 070-443, and will need some clue to support my studies… If u can be of helping hands, my email is zurinekamara@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance..

  346. […] Comment on Exam 70-443 PRO: Designing a Database Server … […]

  347. […] Comment on Exam 70-443 PRO: Designing a Database Server … […]

  348. […] Comment on Exam 70-443 PRO: Designing a Database Server … […]

  349. erwinfletcher said

    Passed with a 925 this morning. Here is a RAR file with the study info I used. There is one book, one ActualTests pdf, and three VCE files. This is the same info as on the test. I HIGHLY recommend paying $24 for VisualCertExam. This app lets you load VCE files and study in the MS test format.


    On to the 444 for me…

  350. awazone said

    hey Erwinfletcher, congratulations!

    But can you please upload your study materials on sendspace or anything else? I cannot download from that link, apparently. Thank you!

  351. erwinfletcher said

    Apparently people have been downloading the files I’ve posted because I’ve run out of bandwidth on the service I use. Here are other links to my test materials,

    70-431 ==>http://www.mediafire.com/?fphwep3bwww

    70-443 ==>http://www.mediafire.com/?6rtdj9ogv9j

    Not sure how well MediaFire.com works. If it isn’t up to par please suggest a different site.

  352. erwinfletcher said

    @awazone – I ran out of bandwidth on my service. I’ve tried to post several times to this forum with a new link, but all of my comments are being held “awaiting moderation”. Not sure what that means. Let me try again.

    40-443 Study Material ==> http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3i9i

  353. awazone said

    thank you, it worked!…now to the study but first i want to take a break after the 431…is it much more difficult than the first one? anyone feel free to share!

  354. alexfromromania said

    hi to all,

    I have passed 70-444 with 980/1000 on 12.09.2008

    All questions were from ActualTests_v10.30.06

    thx a lot.


  355. erwinfletcher said

    Passed the 70-444 with a 984 today. Here is a RAR file with all you need ==> http://www.sendspace.com/file/5jn9eo

  356. erwinfletcher said

    Here are some very interesting stats showing number of MS achievers,


  357. sqlguy said

    Hi Guys,

    I have cleared my 70-431 with your help and no one could ever deny this… I just wanted to know whether this 70-443 does also have simulation questions… any help pr info may be appreciated…

  358. whygh said

    Hi guys,
    I am preparing the 70-443 exam using Actualtest. Is this answer right for Question in Case 1?

    You need to identify the combinations of the Windows operating system abd SQL Server 2005 Version that will be the most approruate for the new R&D configuration, which will include the
    Research,Parts and Engineering databases. Which two combinations will be the most appropriate?
    A.Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
    B.Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
    C.Windows Server 2003 Standard edition with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
    D.Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with SQL Server 2005 Standard edition

    Given Answer: A,D

    I think the answer should be A,B.

    How do you think?


  359. erwinfletcher said

    @sqlguy – 443 does not have simulations, but it does containg scenarios. You’ll be given a description (2-3 pages long) of a situation and then asked roughly 10 questions about that situation.

    @whygh – Absolutely. SQL Standard only supports 2 node clustering and the problem description clearly states the need for 4 node clustering which is supported only by SQL Enterprise.

  360. sqlguy said

    Thank you so much Erwinfletcher

  361. sqlguy said

    Hi guys,

    i have actual_tests ver08.01.2008, is that ok to read or do anyone have latest version of it… i have tried all the links in this blog, every comment contains same files… any help or info is appreciated…

  362. whygh said

    I just pass 70-443 with score 895.
    as follows:

    Southridge video
    Coho Vineyard
    Prossware Inc
    World wide importers
    Consolidated messenger

  363. justsourcecode said

    Hiya all. Is there a 70-444 thread?? Cant seem to find it?

  364. justsourcecode said

    Not to worry…just been through this thread and see 70-444 is part of it 😉

  365. sqlguy said


    congrats on passing 70-431, here there is no thread for 70-444, but there are many links in this thread which is relevant to 70-444, download that and start preparing… i am on to 70-443 now… get going…

  366. sqlguy said

    guys one question
    what is the exam-fee for 70-443, just give me the rough idea, if any, maybe in US dollars, any help appreciated…

  367. fjf38021 said

    Hi there everyone,

    Can someone plz tel me if there is a similar site but for MCSE???

  368. justsourcecode said

    @Sqlguy – Thanks 🙂 Preparing to write 70-443 on 8 Oct. Downlaoded the material for both! 😉

  369. sqlguy said


    Thats good that you are giving the exam on 8 Oct, keep it up…


    I did not come across any of the blogs related to MCSE, but certainly you can log on to the microsoft site for more info, bye take care

  370. mastino80 said

    On self paced training kit 70-443, failover clustering CAP, there is are two wrong infos in the same table, in my opinion:

    Windows Server 2003 – Standard – 2 node cluster
    Windows Server 2003 – Enterprise – 4 node cluster

    From technet: Only enterprise and Data Center allows clustering up to 8 nodes.


  371. justsourcecode said


    I have the self paced training kit and going through 70-443 book. It says you need a 3 computer network to do practice senarios on for failover clustering etc. Now I dont have a system like that set up, and cant set one up as we dont have the resources, and I dont have the time. Is this critical, as I see the content is also very detailed?

    I have just begun going through the book, and plan to write on wed. I have downloaded all the notes and prac tests etc from here. Do I have enough time to get through it all in 5 days??


  372. mastino80 said

    Great challenge, read the book and study questions, re-read the more interesting part of the book.


  373. justsourcecode said

    Thanks…think Im going to do just that. Read the book, make notes on the very important stuff…and use the questions 😉

  374. rajeshkasturi said


    I am going to write 70-443 exam, I have actualtest dumps but I do not have pass4sure, Please let me know actualtest dumps is enough or do I need pass4sure also.

    Rajesh K

  375. awang212 said

    Hi all,

    Passed 443 with 835/1000, thanks a lot.

  376. mastino80 said

    Facing exam next 9.
    Studying CBT + self paced training kit.
    I’ll let you know.


  377. awang212 said

    Hi all,

    Passed 444 today with 968/1000, thank’s a lot.

  378. mastino80 said

    Hi all,

    Passed 443 today with 910/1000

    CBT (nice!!!) + self paced training kit + this forum of course (thanx !!!)
    Now going to face 444.


  379. bigalcapt said

    Hi all,

    Passed the 431 but not very pretty. Have picked up the 443 self paced training kit and downloaded the actual test pdf. What product am I missing?


  380. doosvreter said

    444 very easy. Just need some SQL General Knowledge and logic. 443 Much more advanced.

  381. doosvreter said


    Where can I get ActualTests_V_10_30_06, I have the rest, seems this is most used one for tests?

  382. doosvreter said

    In reference to my above post:

    Which is the currect test for 070-443…..I have 06/01/2007, 01/22/2007 and 08/01/2008?

    Is there a 10/30/2006 version for 70-443?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  383. fontenele said

    There are only 120 issues of ActualTests_V_10_30_06 to evidence 70-444?

  384. devenyadav said

    There are many D&D in the 70-443 tests wrong.
    Do anybody have corrected tests?
    Which tests are to be refered to score 900+ score?

    I am giving 70-443 on 20th October.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  385. mastino80 said

    @devenyadav, @ALL

    Do you have same special award if you pass the exam exceeding 900 score ? ;-))

    I think we should have 3 simple missions:

    1) Read & Studying understanding and acquaring as much as possible
    2) understand questions, identify wrong ones.
    3) Pass exam
    4) Resolve issues, implement what people ask

    It is just an opinion.


  386. stangger said

    I wrote a study guide and combined the scenario questions from the most recent actualtests and Pass4Sure guides. I also added explanations and whether or not I agree with the given answers. Some of them are clearly wrong; some I’m not sure about. Any feedback is appreciated.


  387. forhe said

    I have made my own vce files for 70-443 and 70-444 exams. Can you check the answers please and if you find wrong ones, please let me know. Here are the links for pdf files:



  388. smokeyrock said

    Hello i’ve recently passed the 70-443 with 955/1000 still same questions. Now im going for 70-444 im not really sure which actualtests version to use i have 10-30-06 and 04.08.08
    please advise

    thank you

  389. mastino80 said


    should be the same.
    Tomorrow 444, I’ll let you know.
    Studied Questions + self paced training kit (best book) + CBT (16 videos).


  390. fontenele said

    Where can I get CBT(16 videos)

  391. mastino80 said

    Here you are:


    Video 1 – “Series Intro” – Welcome to the 70-444 exam-pack! In this video you’ll learn about what the series covers, what to expect on the exam, and any prerequisite knowledge you should have before diving in and learning all about optimizing and maintaining your SQL Server 2005 deployment.
    Video 2 – “Troubleshooting Bottlenecks” – Instructor Julie Johnson doesn’t waste any time diving in and teaching how to find bottlenecks that are slowing down your SQL Server performance. In this video you learn about different types of bottlenecks — resource, tempdb, and slow-running queries — and handy tools you can use to detect them — including System Monitor, Database Consistency Checker (DBCC) commands, Dynamic Memory Views (DMVs), and SQL Server Profiler.

    Video 3 – “Fixing Bottlenecks” – Now that you’ve learned where the bottlenecks are, it’s time to fix them. Understand how different types of memory give different bottlenecks, and how to fix each. Also learn how to fix these CPU bottlenecks: recompilation, intra-query parallelism, and inefficient cursor usage. Finally, learn about disk configuration and tempdb I/O bottlenecks, and what it takes to fix them.

    Video 4 – “SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)” – SQL Server Integration Services, or SSIS, is a new tool in SQL Server 2005. In this video, you’ll become familiar with using SSIS to integrate external data into your database. This involves putting the data through the three step process of extraction, transformation, and loading. SSIS also allows you to perform data flow and control flow logic, do data cleansing, mine your data, and report on results, plus it’s scalable with great performance and extensible for custom integration with other applications — how-tos on all this helpful information is packed into this nugget.

    Video 5 – “Diagnosing Failure” – We work hard to make sure our database won’t fail, but sometimes it happens no matter what. When it does we need to diagnose, repair, and restore service as quick as possible. This nugget shows how to diagnose database failures including filtering and viewing the log files, understanding database engine errors, as well as knowing common problems so you can fix them quickly. Also, you’ll learn how to diagnose server failures including volume and disk issues, as well as memory and processor failure. Finally, you’ll learn about service errors and how to diagnose them using the Services Console, the Windows system log, and the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

    Video 6 – “Recovering from Failures and Disasters” – Now that you know the reason for failure, it’s time to restore service. First you’ll learn to for fault tolerance so potential failures have minimal impact. Then you’ll learn how to recover your SQL Server database when it has failed — this can mean restoring a full or partial database, or restoring a file group or file level restore. Finally, you’ll learn what you can do to salvage data from a damaged SQL Server database.

    Video 7 – “Enforcing Business Rules” – In this nugget you’ll learn how to make sure your database conforms to business needs and restrictions. This also helps your database interface smoothly with applications. To do this, the data in your database needs to be clean and uniform — and meet some basic data quality standards. So in this nugget you learn how to clean and transform your data with SQL Server 2005. You also learn about data mining to find important business stats. Plus you learn how to use some helpful tools for enforcing business rules.

    Video 8 – “Managing Change Control” – You may make frequent changes to your database — sometimes many per day. But if you’re not careful, one bad change could take your database down. Change control protects against this. Learn best practices for managing changes in SQL Server 2005. Learn about the stages of change control. Understand what tools you can use to make change control easier. Plus create DDL triggers that let you log changes automatically.

    Video 9 – “Server Level Security” – These simple steps will greatly increase the security of your SQL Server 2005 deployment. Learn how to enforce strong passwords in SQL Server 2005. Also, audit Windows and service accounts that have access to your server, including monitoring for both successful and failed logins. Use encryption on passwords, keys, and certificates. Configure security updates and service packs using best practices. And finally, configure the surface area of your SQL Server 2005 deployment to minimize potential weak spots and intrusion points.

    Video 10 – “User Level Security” – Learn about how to make your database more secure by applying the ‘principle of least privilege’ to database users. Also, you’ll learn about database level, server level, and encryption security catalog views. Plus, understand the difference between Windows and SQL Server authentication, including challenges of using Windows authentication to secure SQL Server. You’ll also use the SQL Server Management Studio to view logins to your database. You’ll gain an understanding of roles, what they mean, and how to identify if a user has been given a particular role. Finally, you’ll make sense of the object explorer in SQL Server Management Studio.

    Video 11 – “Managing Linked Servers” – In this nugget you’ll get walked through how to perform a distributed query using different databases — including databases from different vendors installed across multiple servers. This takes understanding the architecture of linked servers, and how to create linked servers with SQL Server 2005. You’ll learn these plus you’ll be shown how to map logins for the different servers, enable remote connections, and finally create and run your distributed queries — including helpful procedures for getting information about your linked servers so you can make them interface better.

    Video 12 – “Replication” – This nugget starts with an overview of how replication works — including snapshot, transactional, and merge replication. You’ll also learn about the five agents that you can use in your replication — including how to modify the default properties, or profiles, to make replication work to your specifications. Plus you’ll learn how to verify and monitor that the replication is functioning like you intended, how to resolve replication conflicts, and finally how to tune replication on both the hardware and software levels for better performance.

    Video 13 – “Reporting Services” – Reporting allows you to set up easy processes for people who want access to the data in your database, but aren’t as savvy with SQL as you are. In SQL Server 2005, there’s a whole architecture built around creating and delivering nice reports. You’ll learn how to use it to create both basic reports and parameterized reports that use input values to complete report processing. Finally, you’ll learn about the security roles available to give to users who only need access to reporting functionality.

    Video 14 – “Responding to Threats and Attacks” – The previous nuggets about security covered more general settings and best practices for keeping SQL Server secure. This nugget goes in detail about specific attacks hackers or malicious users could make against your SQL Server deployment, and how to protect against them. This includes protecting your physical server, what you need to know about network security, how to create analysis templates that let you compare your ideal security against what you really have, responding to worm and virus infections, how to protect against SQL Server injection, stopping Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and finally how to secure database mail if you choose to enable it.

    Video 15 – “Performance Monitoring” – The last two nuggets in this series cover performance. This first performance video is about monitoring the performance of your server. Learn to collect baseline information — how you database performs during normal activity — and how to set thresholds that notify you when your database activity veers too far from normal. Paying attention to this is part of the responsibility of any database admin, and we’ll give you a good list of metrics that it will be helpful to monitor. Also, you’ll learn how to trace performance at the system and session levels with SQL Profiler, and how to configure alerts and notifications to either page you or run an executable when your database does something you may not want it to.

    Video 16 – “SQL Query Performance” – This second performance nugget and the last nugget in the series covers the performance of your SQL queries. You’ll see what tools you can use to find queries that are performing poorly. Then you’ll learn how to use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) to get recommendations for optimizing your queries. You’ll also learn how to use SET options to get granular in your understanding of how your queries are being executed. And finally, you’ll learn how to optimize indexes — because indexes are often the secret culprit behind poorly performing queries.

  392. smokeyrock said

    prolly cbtnuggets.com 🙂

  393. mastino80 said

    ok passed 444, 52Q rather easy.

    Zieglers you had a great idea.

  394. stangger said

    Passed 070-443 on October 22nd 2008, 970/1000.

    I think that’s one question wrong – The section was “Desiging Security for a Database Server Solution”.

    Trey – Actualtests/P4S are definitely wrong on the “pick OS/SQL install question”, correct answer is Server 2003 Enterprise + SQL 2005 Enterprise AND Server 2003 DataCenter + SQL 2005 Enterprise.
    Datum – I went against the ActualTests/P4s for the Drag/Drop Certificate Key question. Either I got this wrong or the “server service” question.
    Worldwide Importers
    Travel – Went with IIS, Browser, and Terminal Services for “disable services” question.
    Proseware – Went with P4S answer (Database Snapshot) for preparing a bulk load process. This is the correct answer.
    Coho Vineyard
    Consolidated Messenger

  395. sqlsmart said

    My appology if this has already been covered.

    Question: Should I wait to take the 70-443 exam until AFTER I’ve completed preparation for the 70-444 exam?

    What do you suggest?????

    Here’s a recommendation from Tech Skills:

    “Note: It is not recommended that you schedule the Microsoft 70-443 vendor exam yet. Please contact your
    instructor to activate the 70-444 Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administration Solution Using Microsoft
    SQL Server 2005 course. It has been found that students are much more successful at earning their certification
    after mastering content for both exams before taking the vendor exam, as each vendor exam refers to material
    from both courses.”


  396. mastino80 said

    I followed natural numerical order:
    70-431, 443, 444
    The hardest was 443, then 431, then 444

    Best books ever: self paced kits


  397. sqlsmart said


    Thanks. Good to know that you thought 444 was the easiest of the 3 exams! Who’d a thunk it? Not me. At least one other person said the same thing. I’m believing it now. Thanks.

    I’m questioning the recommendation to WAIT and take BOTH 443 and 444 back-to-back. It doesn’t sound like it matters…

    Unless someone advises to WAIT… and follow this recommendation — I’ll get 443 out of the way then go after 444.

    It will feel very good to have all 443 done, then on to 444.

  398. hendrix82 said

    I’ve passed today the 70-443, and I must say that the guide that provided Stangger http://goldsaucer.com/SQL/070-443Exam.html) was really helpful. I passed with 955.

    Last week I passed 70-431. And now I just have 70-444.


  399. hendrix82 said

    Did anyone took 70-444 recently? Are there any questions included from other document rather than 10-30-06?


  400. smokeyrock said

    Ive passed 70-444 last week same questions as in 10-30-06 beaware that the answers are in a different frequence Good luck

  401. hendrix82 said

    Thanks Smokeyrock!

    And what about all the other versions? I’ve checked also 09-25-07 and it doesn’t have any question from 10-30-06, is that correct? Did anyone had any questions from that version?

  402. dpdba said

    hey hendrix82, where the questions same as in the Stangger’s http://goldsaucer.com/SQL/070-443Exam.html ?


  403. hendrix82 said


    Yes, on the 70-443 the Q&A were the same as Stangger’s guide.

    On the other hand, yesterday I passed 70-444 with 1000. The questions were the same as in the version 10-30-06, but in a different order.

    Thanks to everyone!!

  404. kykyryza said

    I’ve passed 70-444 with score 1000 today.
    All 52 questions were from the list in ver.10-30-06

    I used from examcollection.com only (+ lots of experience 😉
    There were couple misprints in the vce. I’ve fixed them. I gonna upload fixed vce to the rapidshare soon.

    Next is 70-443…

    Thanks to Zieglers and everyone!

  405. kykyryza said

    omg, I’ve done wrong tag.
    link: enk_eric’s vce

  406. awazone said

    passed today 70-443, difficult i think, thank you Stangger and everyone!

  407. ermiasal said

    Wow, This is an Awesome Forum. I jsut completed the MCITP (DBA) Series, I just passed 70-444 today and it was the most easy exam of all. Oops. Now heading to 445 and 446.

    Thanks Zeigler and all folks

  408. ermiasal said

    Do anybody have any Idea on the Exam 70-445??

  409. balistikb said

    I bought the P4S and notice there is difference between that and the PDF from ActualTests. HAs anybody just used P4S and passed?

  410. ermiasal said

    Which Exam are you talking about?

  411. swtbys said

    Thanks for providing valuable information about these exams. Had anyone appeared for 70-443 exams recently? Is the pdf which contains questions like Trey Research is still valid?

  412. balistikb said

    Sorry I was talking about the 70-443 exam.

  413. ermiasal said

    I used pass4sure version v.2.29 but there are some wrong answers on Pass for Sure. And I Chose Actual Test Answers are more accurate.
    And Ling on #402 is very helpful.

  414. ermiasal said

    I used pass4sure version v.2.29 but there are some wrong answers on Pass for Sure. And I Chose Actual Test Answers are more accurate.
    And Link on #402 above is very helpful to get the explanations.

  415. kykyryza said

    I’ve passed 70-443 today with score 955/1000
    There were 2-3 wrong aswers on Security questions only.

    I’ve fixed P4S v2.29 .vce using Starngger’s guide. (see post 398). Fixed vce is here: http://rapidshare.com/files/170370046/70-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.rar
    Good luck.
    Thanks Zeigler and all folks.

  416. kykyryza said

    There is fixed 70-444 vce: http://rapidshare.com/files/170371092/Microsoft.ActualTest.70-444.by.enk_eric.120q.fixed.by.kykyryza.rar
    I’ve got 1000/1000 with this file. It was easy exam.

    Good luck.

  417. sai23ars said

    I just now Finished My 70-443 I scored 955/1000 .Thanks to Ziegler and This Forum…
    I have used Actual tests 08-01-2008 and P4Sure V 2.29 .I missed a question In designing security.

    Thanks to Stangger’s tooo.
    http://goldsaucer.com/SQL/070-443Exam.html .This really helped me

    On for 70-444…

    Good Luck

  418. awazone said

    Passed 70-444. Thx Zieglers and everyone!

  419. talbers said

    Passed 70-443 with 910, thanks Zieglers. Now on to 70-444

  420. kykyryza said

    I’ve passed 70-443 with score 955/1000
    There were 2-3 wrong aswers on Security questions only.

    I’ve fixed P4S v2.29 .vce using Starnger’s guide. (see post 398). Fixed vce is here: h**p://rapidshare.com/files/170370046/70-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.rar
    Good luck.
    Thanks Zeigler and all folks.

  421. kykyryza said

    There is fixed 70-444 vce:
    I’ve got 1000/1000 with this file. It was easy exam.

    Good luck.

  422. devenyadav said

    Passed today exam 70-443 with score 925.
    The testlets which I had were :

    1. Conso Messenger
    2. Margie’s Travel
    3. Proseware
    4. Coho
    5. Datum
    6. Trey

    Sranger’s guide was very useful. Also use Kykyrza’s fixed P4S in post 417.
    Thanks Zeigler and all folks.

    Good Luck.

  423. whitenest said

    Passed today exam 70-443 with score 985.
    The testlets which I had were:

    2.World Wide Importers
    5.Southridge Video
    6.Consolidated Messageer

    Many thanks to Stanger and Kykyrza, and everyone here.

    Good Luck.

  424. rauk10 said

    Hey guys
    I am planning to give 70-443. The Visual certExam suite file is just a trial one that I have got. Can anybody tell me the version of this file or if anyone could provide the crack of this too. I can just see the 5 question for each case study.

    Thank You

  425. akkibalimidi said

    Hey All
    Thanks a lot for your help. Just passed 70-443: 865/1000.I dont have any working experience. And this thread helped me a lot. Thanks again.
    Thanks Ziegler.

  426. rauk10 said

    Thanks to everyone passed 70-443 with 895.

    Now heading for 70-444

    Thank You all

  427. stangger said


    Passed 2008-01-06, 1000/1000. Easiest of all 3 exams in this track.

    Study Guide, Questions, Answers, Explanations: http://goldsaucer.com/SQL/SQLEXAM_070-444.htm

    Study Guide is from the Seld-paced training text.

    Questions are extracted from ActualTest Exam Engine and Jack’s AT 10-03-06 PDF (It’s Jacks_070-444_V10_30_06.pdf if you’re looking for it.)

    The Exam engine is a bit out of date, but either the 10-03-06 guide or kykyryza’s .VCE (Post #418) should be more than enough.

    See you all in the 441/442 threads, and the 2008 certs. Best luck.

  428. sqlsmart said


  429. sqlsmart said


    I’m looking for GOOD info for this exam. Here’s what I have to date.

    ActualTest.com has it on their website but the links go no where to date.

    Pass4Sure has an early bird special. Save $30 by pre-buying before 1/25/99.

    $99.99 – $30 (savings) = $69.99

    Question: Anyone have other GOOD info on this exam?


  430. sqlsmart said

    Sorry, correction.

    NEED info on 70-453 UPG: Transition Your MCITP SQL DBA 2005 to MCITP SQL 2008 : 70-453 Exam

    I’m looking for GOOD info for this exam. Here’s what I have to date.

    ActualTest.com has it on their website but the links go no where to date.

    Pass4Sure has an early bird special. Save $30 by pre-buying before 1/25/99.

    $99.99 – $30 (savings) = $69.99

    Question: Anyone have other GOOD info on this exam?


  431. dpdba said

    Hey sqlsmart looks that pass4sure special has expired…

  432. sqlsmart said

    Yes, should have said 01/29/2009 instead of 1/25/99. Got me (smile).

  433. rajniranjan said

    Hi everyone,

    I have passed 70-431 and heading up for 40-443.
    Can you please if you some docs/pdf related to this which can help me alot.

    Thanks n Regards
    Rajni kant Ranjan

  434. anotherdba said

    i passed 70-443 with a score of 955/1000. Thanks to everyone for the study prep. On to 70-444 now.

  435. cuticachon said

    Can someone please give me the registration number of the software to read vce files? I downloaded from one of the posts above(405), but can only read 5 questions until I register the software. Thank you very much all.

  436. awazone said


    It’s not a registration number that you need, but a patch to click after the installation. I uploaded it for you and everyone that needs it. Good-luck! http://www.sendspace.com/file/ykvv0k

    PS. Follow with full attention Stangger’s guide. It’s very useful! Tell me if you need anything else.

  437. alan828 said

    sqlsmart, how was your exam?

  438. vasudavijay said


    Passed 2008-01-31, 1000/1000. Easiest of all 3 exams in this track.

    Study Guide, Questions, Answers, Explanations: http://goldsaucer.com/SQL/SQLEXAM_070-444.htm

    10-03-06 guide or kykyryza’s .VCE (Post #41)

  439. vasudavijay said


    Passed 2008-01-31, 1000/1000. Easiest of all 3 exams in this track.

    Study Guide, Questions, Answers, Explanations: http://goldsaucer.com/SQL/SQLEXAM_070-444.htm

    10-03-06 guide or kykyryza’s .VCE (Post #41)

    thanks all for your help

  440. stewie137 said

    Hi Guys,

    Could anyone please post a link to the latest version of actual tests for this exam? I have the fixed P4S v2.29 and Jack’s PDF and I would need this one, too.

    Also, I have a doubt. Jack’s PDF is the actual tests?

    Many thanks!

  441. dbahat said

    Anyone here take the 70-453 (Upgrade: Transition Your MCITP SQL Server 2005 DBA to MCITP SQL Server 2008 DBA) exam?
    I have passed the SQL 2005 exams for MCITP: Database Administrator on SQL Server 2005 and thinking about just taking 70-453 without any prep.

  442. stewie137 said

    I’ve managed to convert kykyryza’s latest version of P4S into PDF using PDF-Xchange printer driver. Also, I’ve highlighted the answers and now I’m sharing it with you guys.

  443. stewie137 said

    I’ve managed to convert kykyryza’s latest version of P4S into PDF using PDF-Xchange printer driver. Also, I’ve highlighted the answers and now I’m sharing it with you guys.

    70-443 Pass4Sure v2.29 04-12-08 – kykyryza (highlighted answers).pdf

  444. cuticachon said

    Hello Stewie, is that the updated one with the correct answers? I’ve read some of the posts and they stated that some questions and answers are wrong. It’s a big confusing to me because I really don’t know which to study and get prepare for the exam 443. Can someone please tell me for sure which one to study for(testking, pass4sure, actualtest) and whhich version. Or if there’s a final or modified file to study from. Thank you guys.

  445. stewie137 said

    P42 2.29 04-12-08 is the latest so basically you could take it as correct

    PS: I’m preparing using it

  446. cuticachon said

    Thanks Stewie. You mean Pass4sure version 2.29 4-12-08 right? Please let us know how you do on your test Stewie. Again, thank you.

  447. sabyasm said

    Anyone passed recently? Are the latest dumps still good?

  448. cuticachon said

    Hello Guys,
    To those who have passed the 443, did it take you guys a long time to complete the exam? What are your time of completion? Thanks. I thought after using the test dumps, it should take you a lot faster.

  449. cuticachon said

    Stewie, have you schedule to take your exam yet?

  450. sabyasm said

    Alas! No one to confirm what’s happening in last few days. Ok – I am going to attempt tomorrow early morning for the 443 exam. Lets see 🙂

  451. cuticachon said

    Can you help us Confirm it Sabyasm? I am hoping to know what’s going on. Thanks Sabyasm.

  452. sabyasm said

    I don’t mind confirming. Just I hope it will be okey tomorrow …

  453. cuticachon said

    Good luck tomorrow bro. Hopefully everything is still the same.

  454. sabyasm said

    Thanks 🙂 I passwd with 955/1000 – exactly like kykyryza – post 418. Thanks a lot for this forum – kykyryza and zieglers.

  455. sabyasm said

    70-444 tomorrow.

  456. cuticachon said

    wow, congrats bro. So basically did you just study and memorize the questions and answers on the case studies right?

  457. sabyasm said

    passed 70-444 today with 1000/1000. Thanks again to kykyryza and zieglers.

  458. cuticachon said

    May I ask which one did you use to study for the 70-444 Sabyasm? Thanks

  459. nandanpandey said

    Thanks all of you, I have cleared the 70-443 with 955 marks.
    Now heading towards 70-444.

  460. cuticachon said

    Nandanpandey, are you using the ActualTest 10.30.06 to study for your 444?

  461. sabyasm said

    cuticachon : are you going to write these exams? ever ? 😉

  462. cuticachon said

    Yeah..431 down…tomorrow is 443. It’s 2 AM and I am studying for it just incase. Scheduled the 444 for Friday. I asked you these questions because I want to feel more confident walking in the test centers thats all. But I guess you’re not answering since you kinda hesitate and asked me if I ever gonna take the exams at all 🙂

  463. cuticachon said

    If I take the exams before asking the questions, wouldn’t that be kinda odd? Well, thanks for the confirm U did above. I think I am on the right track. Well, atleast I hope so. 🙂

  464. sabyasm said

    Enough of questioning 🙂 it’s gonna be OK. Best of luck.

    • nishnani said

      Can you please email me the material for 70-443? I am writing this exam tomorrow.
      email me to:nishtha28@gmail.com.

      Thanks much for your help.

  465. mcitphopeful said

    Great blog – passed 70-431 and 70-443, ready to take on 70-444. Has anyone taken it recently? Is the actualtests pdf still the best practice exam?

  466. cuticachon said


    YUP, it’s confirmed. I changed my test date and pass it with a perfect score yesterday morning the 26th. 10.30.06
    Wish u da best.

  467. talbers said

    Passed the 70-444 on the 28th, perfect score. Thanks to everyone who contributes here, I am now a Certified DBA. I guess i will now move on to 70-445 & 70-446.

  468. mcitphopeful said

    Thanks cuticachon, passed today, now have MCITP: DBA.

  469. mcitphopeful said

    Couldn’t get the actualtests to load – I keep hearing they’re the best, but I can never get the visual certmanager to work on either of my pcs. measureup worked well though as a practice guide – 70-444 questions are mostly common SQL and Windows sense, a few specific dmv view questions

  470. sqldomination said

    Does any have any 70-453 UPGRADE tests(Actual Tests, Testking, P4S) available yet?

  471. thomasphx said

    I am getting ready to take the 70-443 exam. Does anyone know if this link is still accurate for study materials? If not, does anyone know now which test questions to use?

    70-443 Pass4Sure v2.29 04-12-08 – kykyryza (highlighted answers).pdf

  472. wendal777 said

    Hey Thomassphx,

    As of last week the data here was good for the 70-443. Scored over 900. My question is for the 70-444. I will sit for it in 2 weeks, is the data here still good for that one? Please help…

  473. wendal777 said

    Hey Thomasphx,

    As of last week the data here was good for the 70-443. Scored over 900. My question is for the 70-444. I will sit for it in 2 weeks, is the data here still good for that one? Please help…

  474. dbacertjd said

    70-444 is good passed today 981

  475. dbacertjd said

    70-453 can be found on the exam collection site, but I am not sure of the validity of the content

  476. bnr34 said

    Where can the content be found for 70-453

  477. dbacertjd said


  478. rajeshkasturi said

    Hi All,

    Last Saturday I passed the 70-443 with 955/1000.
    All the questins from Actual Tests 06.01.07.

  479. nitinbaijal said

    Hi Guys,

    this really rocks!!!!
    I have my 70-443 on this saturday…
    I am a little confused about the pattern of this exam???
    People have told me that there will be simulations just like 70-431…but i am not able to get my hands on any of the simulations anywhere…
    so please clarify…what questions are there in the test…are they only multiple choice simple questions?
    or are there 35 multiple choice Ques and 12 simulation ques as in 70-431.
    coz the content that i have got have only 9 case studies,which have diffrent questions….so will this also have different sections as in 70-431(35 multiple choice and 12 simulations)..

    Please please help!!
    Also please let me know the link of the latestactualtest or P4sure pdf,so that i can study from it and crack 70-443

    Thanks for help

  480. eugenko said

    Hello there,

    I just passed today 70-443 with 970 points.

    I learned from Pass4Sure v2.29 04-12-08 – kykyryza (highlighted answers).pdf

    There was a special event for me: in about the half of the test the fire alarm began (fire drill) so we had to leave the building, but in couple of minutes we could return…

    Thanks to all involved.

  481. jinxguy23 said

    anybody have info on SQL 2008 upgrade exams ???

  482. dbacertjd said

    the 70-453 exam can be found on the http://www.examcollection.com site.

  483. jinxguy23 said

    dbacertjd i can see only the trial version of 453 it has 5 questions in total

  484. krish5 said

    anybody have info on SQL 2008 upgrade exams70-454

  485. sqlexpressfree said

    Hi all,

    I’m about to schedule to take this exam.
    Eugenko – did you just study the Pass4Sure v2.29 04-12-08 – kykyryza (highlighted answers).pdf ?

    how did you study for the case studies?

    thanks all

  486. wendal777 said

    Hello Everyone,

    I sat for the 70-444 yesterday and scored over 900. The data on that test is still good. Anyone with info on the SQL Server 2008 upgrade please share it.

  487. vishdba said

    Hi Wendal777…Congrats!!

    please let me know the valid one to study for 70-444(blog comment number u refereed to)

  488. vishdba said

    And Guys..

    Looks like we have so many version of pdfs for 70-444.


    each has different set of 120 qns. let me please know which one is valid to study….thanks in advance..

  489. wendal777 said


    418 data is good. I noticed the same thing but if you read the questions you’ll see that they are close, almost like someone rewrote the pdf questions to make them a bit shorter. The answers are the same, that’s my guess. Good luck

  490. wendal777 said


    418 for 443, 419 for 444. 419 data is good.

  491. omarbizkit said

    Last night I took 70-443 and passed with a 925 score. Good exam, I am planning to take 70-444 within a month.

  492. vishdba said

    Thanks Wendal777,

    And as per 419 data I could open few .vce files and others errored out for me. again 419 seems to have sample set of 5 questions in each vce.

    so finally am refering to 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf(set of 120 qns) since same qns of 419 are availabe here. Guess am on right track :(. I am taking this exam in a weeks time and will update u all.

    Thanks again to all of u guys and obviously zieglers.

  493. pioline said

    070-444 paper has changed. Not a single question from Actual Test and Pass4Sure.

    4 to 5 exhibits added.
    Not many questions on backpup.
    More questions on SSIS including 64 bit issues, Replication, DMV’s, trace, Exhibits based on locks, application logs, Activity monitor.

    Got afraid when i saw the paper but cleared with 747/1000.
    TestCentre :India

    Please practise concepts better until new samples comes out.

  494. desu517 said

    Congrats Omarbizkit

  495. vishdba said

    Thanks pioline!! am from Bangalore..INDIA

    can others who have taken the exam please confirm on 70-444 exam qns has changed..if so its BAD..

    My side am going ahead with taking the exam with preparation from this blog. Since i just booked for second shot voucher.use below link to book for Second shot



  496. toshiba123 said

    Can anyone tell the post 418 still good for 443 ? I am planning on taking my 443 next week..

  497. gson007 said

    Congrats Pioline.
    Can you be more specific as in number of questions in the exam and what dumps version you are talking about.

  498. pioline said

    Thanks Gson007!

    The questions and clearing it out gave me a good boost.

    There were still 52 questions as usual. Concepts are same. New questions and exhibit. Difficult to recollect any questions as I thought of clearing the paer in 30 min but I took 2 hours and late in the night tired and test centre was waiting for me to close down.

    a) I did went through Actual Test vers 04.08.08 before exams. It does help if you go through explanation and understand other options too.
    b) I also referred this book in Dec 2008 for foundation.

    Giving 431,441,442,443 in last 3 months gives an edge to take new 444 exam paper.

    I gave 443 and 444 in sequence. No change in 443.

    Test Centre: Bangalore, India

  499. vishdba said

    70-444 HELP!!

    OK..as per my analysis 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf for 70-444 is the close one.

    could you please refer to this file at post# 64 and and update us if ur qns were from this file.it has 120 qns.


  500. gson007 said

    Pioline could you please go through 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf and let me know if its still in line????
    And if anyone has covered the ground do let me know.

  501. jbierste said

    vishdba, can you confirm that the exam has changed it questions? (did you already took the exam?)

    I will be taking this exam in 2-3 weeks. And I found the Actualtests a good preparation. (in combination with the ICTWebTV modules, and Microsoft learning material)

  502. sqldomination said

    ‘pioline’ should have not looked at the Actual Test vers 04.08.08 as they are completely different questions and this maybe causing the confusion.
    070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf are the exact questions test 70-444 has (52 from memory selected from the 120 in this PDF). Whoever does this exam next just needs to confirm that 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf is the one still being used. My guess it has not changed just ‘pioline’ studied the wrong one.

    Anyone got the 48 question Testking 70-453 upgrade pdf?


  503. onesql said

    I just took the 070-444 exam and I confirm that the 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf are the exact questions test 70-444 has. There were 52 questions from 120 supplied in that PDF.


  504. pioline said


    I confirm questions were from ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf.

    Go ahead and hit the test.

    It’s my bad luck of not looking at the older version.

    Appologies for the inconvenience!

  505. sqlexpressfree said

    I took the exam today, the 70-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.vce is still good.
    Overall good exam y learned a bit studying for this test.
    Take it.

    Thanks all.

  506. vishdba said

    Hey Guys!!

    Thanks for the clarification on 70-444. Due to weekend and a Holiday I could’t get back to the blog.

    I would be taking 70-444 in 2 weeks time and update.


  507. gson007 said

    Howdy folks, just finished 70-444. ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf still valid.

  508. zetdee said

    Hi guys,

    Wat a great blog you have here.

    I am a recently certified MCTS:BI Development (70-445). Now I have registered for for 70-446. But its so difficult to get hold of Q&A for this exam. Please can someone help me with a link where I can download. I gather (from this blog) that Actual Tests is very good.

    Please help. My email is zetdee4rf@yahoo.com

  509. toshiba123 said

    Hi Guys

    I cleared 70-443 with 970/1000. 70-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.vce is still good.

    A big ‘thank you’ from me 🙂

  510. sqldba2009 said

    Hello folks,

    Passed 70-444 with 960. ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf is still valid. Now, I’m a MCITP DBA in SQL 2005. Thanks to Ziegler and all those who contribute to this forum.

    I’m preparing to study for the upgrade exam 70-453 to upgrade my certification to SQL server 2008. Is any one in this forum preparing for this exam? Is there any P4Sure,Actual test or Test King material available? Appreciate any help on this.


  511. sirjohn23 said

    I just scored a 630 on the 70-443 exam, I have bought the transcender. They were helpfull, but not quite enough. I am a realatively new DBA, and I would like some good study resources for my next attempt, does anyone have any recommendations?


  512. sqlexpressfree said

    hi guys,

    I’m a DBA 2005 now – thanks to all.
    this test was the easiest out of the 3.

    Now I’m studying for 70-453 , any good links?

  513. vishdba said

    Hey All…I have done with 70-444, and am now MCITP.

    Thanks to all who contributed and zieglers of course.

  514. vishdba said

    Hey sirjohn23

    OOPS ..sorry to hear that..Anyway,

    Please refer to the post 418 for 70-443. It will surely get you through.

    Good Luck


  515. yhmm07 said

    I cleared 70-443 with 970/1000 on 5/16. 70-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.vce is still good. many thanks for all of you!

  516. wendal777 said

    Hello everybody,

    I’m attempting to prepare for the 70-453 upgrade exam. Anyone with info on the SQL Server 2008 upgrade please share it. As always I will do the same. Thanks in advance.

  517. quasicoolguy said


    I’ll be attempting 070-444 first. Wish me luck.

  518. reddy28 said

    I wrote my exam today. Got 910
    all the qs are from Jacks 70-443 pdf.
    but be sure of the answers. most of them were correct.
    There is need for corrections.

    Thank u all

    • dbaxtraordinaire said

      Congratulations reddy28, I was wondering if it were possible for you to send me a copy of “Jacks.pdf” file. I want to confirm the questions I downloaded from another source. Unfortunately I’m unable to access the source of this pdf from the original Post.
      You can email me at olajide49@gmail.com
      Thanks a lot

  519. iceburn85 said

    Hi guys
    I passed my 70-443 with 970. Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it.
    I will be attempting 70-444 on Friday. Can anyone please give me some advice on this exam and also is the Microsoft.ActualTest.70-444.by.enk_eric.120q.fixed.by.kykyryza.vce still valid?

    Thanks in advance

  520. desu517 said

    Yes Iceburn its still valid..
    can u tell me which one you used for 70-443..

  521. dbaxtraordinaire said

    Congratulations iceburn85 , I also want to know which one you used for 443 exam, and also if you can provide any additonal details about the exam (i.e. number of ques, which cases..etc ) Thanks in advance

  522. iceburn85 said

    Thanks Desu517
    I used 70-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.vce. Will make you pass for sure. There is 6 senarios and 56 questions all to together. I got Trey Research,Prossware Inc,Consoto,World wide importers,Southridge video,Consolidated messenger
    You can download the vce somewhere in this post, just not sure what number it is

  523. iceburn85 said

    The link is in Post 418

  524. desu517 said

    thanks Iceburn..

  525. desu517 said

    thanks Iceburn85..

  526. sumit4cert said


    I have passed 70-443, today with 970 score, Thanks Kykyrza,Zeigler and all for the effort.

    This is still good:

    Good luck and Thanks,

  527. quasicoolguy said

    I’ll be trying my luck on 11-Jun ^.^

    hope i pass


  528. sumit4cert said

    All the best quasicoolguy

  529. iceburn85 said

    Hi guys

    Passed all my exams, nou MCITP qualified. Thanks for the help
    I am thinking of doing the upgrade exam 70-453. Can anyone give me some pointers
    and a link or two that might be usefull

  530. iceburn85 said

    Hi guys

    Passed all my exams, now MCITP qualified. Thanks for the help
    I am thinking of doing the upgrade exam 70-453. Can anyone give me some pointers
    and a link or two that might be usefull

  531. quasicoolguy said

    Iceburn85, Congrats,

    Is 70-444 still the same ? by kykyryza

  532. quasicoolguy said


    I guess I’m the one to answer my question above. ^.^

    got 1000/1000 ^.^

    All hail kykyryza
    All hail Zieglers

  533. quasicoolguy said

    Passed 443 as well, 985

    all hail kykyryza and zieglers.

  534. sqldomination said

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone confirm the simulator and .PDF at the below link are all good for the upgrade exam MCITP 2005 to MCITP 2008. This link provides the same number of questions that the upgrade exam has.



  535. testanimal said

    I recently took 70-453. The link mentioned in post #485 is current.

  536. datasave said

    Hi guys.

    I’m looking information and material for the 70-453 exam. Please Can anyone help me in confirm where i can get the materials fot the upgrade exam.

    Best Regards.

  537. raajeshh74 said

    Hi am planning to give 70-443 & 70-444 in couple of weeks.. Does thesze exams have simulation questions similar to that of 70-431 or it is just objective type & scenario questions? Please advice.


  538. deamondragon said

    I need cd materials (sample code and databases) that came with this MS Press Book: “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Step by Step”.
    If anybody is interesting for this book, here is the link:

  539. guyi said


    Has anyone given 70-453 recently and Can help in Material for the upgrade exam

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards

  540. mbhoni said


    I am new in the blog, i would like to thank you all for the contribution you have made in my life. I passed the 431 exam with a score of 1000/1000. I will be taking 70-443 next week, my pls some confirm that Jacks 70-443 pdf is still valid. I have been checking on this blog, but no one commented recently. May someone who wrote in July confirm for me.

  541. mbhoni said

    Hi raajeshh74,

    I would like to know whether you have taken the 70-443. You can let me know if you have any information regarding the exam.

  542. pagan1234 said

    I took the 70-443 test today and passed.
    This is still good.


  543. pagan1234 said

    I took the 70-443 test today and passed.
    This is still good.


    Good luck

  544. mbhoni said

    Hi pagan1234

    Thanks, i will be posting soon to let you know how did it go.

    • elakkiya said

      HI Mbhoni,
      could you upload the file 70-443 (that you referred) , so that I can clear it soon, thanks in advance

  545. mousepad77 said

    Does anyone have the 70-444 test as a PDF or DOC? It’s much easier to study that way than a VCE.

  546. mbhoni said

    The Bible say “A promise is like a debt”. Thanks very much for your input in my Exam. Pagan1234 thanks for stepping up when i needed the most. May God bless you all, my next step is 444, 445 and 446. I have cleared the 70-443 Exam with 925/1000.

  547. elakkiya said

    Does any one have latest 70-443 study material… please upload or gimme a link?

  548. abhishek14 said


    Passed 70-443 with 970/1000. Thanks to all of you.

    http://rapidshare.com/files/170370046/7-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.rar. is still good.

    Please can anybody post pdf file for 70-453: Upgrade Exam.


  549. pagan1234 said

    Hi Every one, I am looking for 70-444 VCE.
    Post 419 seems to have sample set of 5 questions. Can any one please help me? TIA

  550. zetdee said

    Hi everyone, Pls can someone help me with a VCE for 70-454 and 70-455. Thanks in advance.

  551. abidba said

    I am looking for Exam 70-443: PRO: Designing a Database Server Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 material, can you please give me link or documents? THanks in advance.

  552. khushi123 said

    i am planning to give 70-443 next week.but i am not satisfied with the material i have if anyone have other stuff can u send on dimpisha@gmail.com plz it very urgent.

    thanking u.

  553. abidba said

    Hello Khushi:
    If you get any documents, please send it to me as well.

    Thank you

  554. uttit said

    can anyone share the links/files for 70-453 exam, did any one take the exam recently?


  555. pagan1234 said

    Abidba, Khushi123 and Uttit,
    I took the exam in July. Following was good then..


  556. abidba said

    Thanks for the link but it does not open, it says ERROR. I have date schedule for the exam on 24th of this month, please send the link.


  557. nandanpandey said

    I am planning for 70-444 exam in next week. Could any one help for documents on nandan.pandey@ymail.com.
    Thanks a ton in advance.


  558. baabhu said

    Hi Everyone,

    I have my SQL server 70-443 exam this coming tuesday. If any one has material please share the material.

    Also please advice if actual test version 08_01_2008 is still valid.

    Thanks a million.

  559. superfurryallan said

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m also looking for any case studies and the latest pass4sure’s for 70-443. If anyone could post a link to them i’d appreciate it.

    All the best.



  560. nandanpandey said

    Hi All,
    Is Actual Test 70-444 Version -10-30-06 is still valid, Quick response is highly appreciated.
    Thanks a million in advance.

  561. 99trinity said

    Hi Ziegler
    Thanks for hosting this site, I’m planning on sitting 70-443 exam and hoping you may be able to provide a link for study material, thanks Ziegler … cheers

  562. krn045 said

    Hi All,

    I am planning to attend 70-443 exam in the month of Feb 2010. Could you please provide the dumps or the link to download recent dumps.


  563. rcivalero said

    I plan on taking the 70-443 test later this month and all the links to the questions are not working. Does any one have a copy I can have?

  564. jojo32 said

    looking for resources for 70-453, any help?

  565. 99trinity said

    hey guy’s hoping you can help, still looking for resources for 70-443. many thanks

  566. madc0der said

    Hi Guys,

    p4s 2.29 is still 100% valid . below is the download link. Enjoy !!! 😀


    I took exam on 12th Feb 2010 and got 925/1000.

    Can anyone update about 70-444 Actualtest v10.30.06? or what is the best and still valid for 70-444.

    Thanks in advance !

  567. 99trinity said

    Hi madc0der, I downloaded the file from your link but pdf is for exam 070-444, are you able to please send link for 070-433, thanks madc0der

  568. 99trinity said

    Hi madc0der, I downloaded the file from your link but pdf is for exam 070-444, are you able to please send link for 070-443, thanks madc0der

  569. 99trinity said

    sorry typo, should have said I’m looking for material for exam 70-443

  570. madc0der said

    Passed 70-444 with 1000/1000 on 28th Feb 2010

    Actualtests v10.30.06 is still 100% valid

    All questions same however some questions had their options (A,B,C,D) jumbled in order but very easy exam.

    Thanks all..

  571. krn045 said


    file name: Microsoft Pass4sure 70-443 v2 29 by kykyryza 99q.vce

    I have cleared the exam on Feb-21-2010 with 945 marks using the above dump. All the questions are from the dump. All the best

  572. 99trinity said

    hi krn045, thanks for the resource … is this correct as the vce has only 12 questions, thanks again for helping

  573. sam1975 said

    I cleared the 70-443 exam today with 955. all questions were from http://rapidshare.com/files/170370046/7-443_Pass4Sure2.29_fixed_by_kykyryza.rar

    I got 6 scenarios. trey,proseware,winery,contoso,margie’s travel and datum.

    Now starting on the 70-444. Can someone please tell me which file to use for the questions? Is 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06 still valid?

    • kanignu said


      The Visual CertExam suite i have is an unregistered one so can anyone help me get my hands on a registered one because the unregistered one only shows a couple of questions in

      Microsoft Pass4sure 70-443 v2 29 by kykyryza 99q.vce


  574. 99trinity said

    Hi Sam i went to download the file but link reported as broken, any chance you could re attach

  575. 99trinity said

    ok will do, thanks Sam1975

  576. 99trinity said

    Hi Sam1975, maybe the file has since been removed as link broken on post 558

  577. kanignu said

    Hi Guys,

    Further does anyone of you have a pdf version of the 70-443 exam?

  578. 99trinity said

    Hi kanignu, sure thing if you post an email address i’ll send you the reg file and a vcs file i downloaded from a few posted listed earlier. This vce only has 12 questions so not sure if this is complete, what do you think?

  579. kanignu said

    Hi 99trinity, nice name first of all like in “Matrix”

    my email id is kanignu@live.com so if you can send the files to me it will be great. is the VCE file you have, from pass4sure because most of the guys above have got through using that particular version of pass4sure

    Microsoft Pass4sure 70-443 v2 29 by kykyryza 99q.vce –

    Hi All, is this still valid

  580. 99trinity said

    hi eveyone
    pssed the exam with 885 usung info from “70-443 v2 29 by kykyryza 99q.vce”, thanx kykyryza for sharing this wih us all … very much apprechiated. does anyone know what is current for 70-444

  581. brade11 said

    Does anyone know if 70-443 Pass4Sure v2.29 04-12-08 – kykyryza (highlighted answers).pdf is still valid for this test? Plan on taking soon.

  582. surprise1 said


    70-443 Pass4sure is still valid as i did the exam few days ago.

    Is there any 70-444 ActualTest version from 04.08.08?Where i can download it from(pdf version)?

    Or the only availables are?:


    Which one is still valid?


  583. wfairb said

    Can anyone explain some of the answers in “70-443 Pass4Sure v2.29 04-12-08 – kykyryza (highlighted answers).pdf”?
    What is the thought process behind Datum Question #4 (the answer is FG2)?
    Also, Datum #10 — why is step 3 (2 sp’s that use the cert to open the symmetric key) needed? I would think steps 1, 2, 4 would work.

    Tia —

    Btw, I used 70-444 actualtest 03.27.07 and passed, but it wasn’t much help…

    • surprise1 said

      Hi Wfairb,

      When did you pass the 70-444 exam? Does it have similar questions from ActualTest_070-444_v03.27.07.pdf or 070-444_120q_ActualTests_v10_30_06.pdf?

      Regarding 70-443 i will have a look on my notes and let you know the logic behind those answers.


      • wfairb said

        hi surprise1 —

        i think it was back in march when i took the 70-444. I never saw v10_30_06 before the test. 03.27.07 was a little helpful. but i’ve seen some pass4sure’s for other exams that were a much closer match. (Hopefully kykyryza is like that!) i think i passed because i read the blue mcitp 444 training kit book. unfortunately it’s a lot thicker than a pdf…

        thx in advance for the help on my 443 q’s.

  584. surprise1 said


    Regarding question 10 (Datum) the step 3 is required because of the performance as Symmetric keys provide the best performance for routine use of encrypted data and acording to the scenario:

    “The upgraded HRData database and the redesigned BusinessData database must or exceed the performance
    levels of the current implementations, except in cases where new security-related functionality has a negative
    impact on performance. In these cases, the performance impact that is caused by security-related
    enhancements must be minimized.”

    Question 3 (Datum):

    My understanding is that we place on FG2 because partition 2 is related with the previous month (June).

    Hope it helps.

  585. wektp said

    Hi guys.
    What about this question (Southridge Video, QUESTION 8):

    You need to strengthen the security settings and standards for the store SQL Server computers. Your solution must fulfill the companys security and manageability requirements. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

    A. Add the user accounts of the mobile database administrators to the Windows SQLManagers group. Create a SQL Server login for that group to each stores SQL Server computer. Add that group to the sysadmin fixed server role.
    B. Create a domain global group for the user accounts of the mobile database administrators. Add the group to each stores SQL Server computer. Add the group to the sysadmin fixed server role.
    C. Add the user accounts of the mobile database administrators to the Windows SQLManagers group.
    Add the group to each stores SQL Server computer. Add the group to the serveradmin server role.

    D. Change all store SQL Server computers to Windows Authentication.
    E. Create a domain global group for the user accounts of the mobile database administrators. Add the group to each stores SQL Server computer. Add the group to the serveradmin fixed server role.

    Answer: CE

    serveradmin role?
    but in the Technical Requirements:

    “The five mobile database administrators who manage the servers in the stores must be able to create and manage databases and to manage all SQL Server settings and security, including logins, on all store SQL Server computers. ”


    “Windows Authentication mode is now required on all corporate SQL Server computers.”

    So, i think right answers will be B and D.
    How do you think?

  586. mcsemcitp said

    All Microssoft’s Certification exam braindums


  587. normanwong15 said


    ALL IT Certification Exam Microsoft MCSE, MCITP, MCTS, MCDBA, MCP


  588. nandanpandey said

    Did any body has give exam for 70-444 if yes which dump is still working? I am planning on tuesday. Please share the link from where i can download the latest dump.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  589. Website said


    Exam 70-443 PRO: Designing a Database Server Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 « Zieglers…

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