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Exam 70-631: TS: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuring

Posted by zieglers on September 14, 2007

WSS 3.0 

Yesterday I wrote my first SharePoint exam, 70-631: TS: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuring, and got 1000/1000. 🙂

The exam has 41 questions, no simulations and no case studies. All of them are multiple choice.

As always, we can start discussing the questions here in this post.



9 Responses to “Exam 70-631: TS: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuring”

  1. davidcoxon said

    Are ou saying that you did the exam and got 100% or that you actually wrote the questions?

    I am thinking of taking the exam – but can’t find any study books, sample questions etc. Do you know of any good sources?

  2. zieglers said

    Yes, I got the exam and scored 1000. You can get some videos and read some blogs related to the questions to be asked.

    One example could be: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=393495CD-3474-4EAA-8F8B-7D8BAAFFA4F7&displaylang=en


  3. david coxon said

    Thats great thanks, I had a look at the information on the microsoft page about what the exam tests on and its not that clear.

    For example it says ‘configure share point role’ but that is it. i’ve taken a look at all the books on sharepoint (of which there arn’t many) and none of them cover this.

  4. alinawaz said

    Thats great,
    thanks for the info…

    I am also thinking to taking the exams…

  5. m00sey said

    Hey Y’all….

    I am beggining my journey on sharepoint, having just rec’d my MCTIP in SQL Administration.
    Could someone point me in the right direction to up to speed on Sharepoint. I really know nothing about it. I would like to eventually learn how integrate Sharepoint and SQL together.

    Where should I begin???

  6. m00sey said

    Hi All….does anyone have any information on the sharepoint development exams 70-541 or 70-542? Blogs or experience??
    Please advise..

  7. felixtnj said

    i would like to write a 70-630 exam. please help me to clear that exam.my mail id a.arokiasamy1981@gmail.com

  8. felixtnj said

    i need video tutorial for 70-630 and 70-631 exam .my mail id is a.arokiasamy1981@gmail.com

  9. felixtnj said

    please help me .i need tutorial for 70-630, 70-631

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