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Exam 70-445: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence – Implementation and Maintenance

Posted by zieglers on March 28, 2008

Business Intelligence 

Hi folks,

Please write your comments re 70-445 exam here.

I’ll update this post soon… 🙂


111 Responses to “Exam 70-445: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence – Implementation and Maintenance”

  1. sweetpie1 said

    hi zieglers

    thank you very much man
    i hope this blog will help a lot of people like me
    and by the way am planning to take this exam in the last week of april
    so any one who has taken this exam recently can let me know the exam pattern


  2. geesk said

    Thank you zieglers for this blog!

    Hi Sweetpie & Spsun

    I also want to join in your team for this exam.
    Preparing with MS Step by Step for that to do in May.

    Please update here if you get to know anything.

  3. spsun said

    Hello Geesk,
    Search for dlangham post in 70-431…He had posted 70-445 stuff…if you are unable to download I will forward dlangham’s mail with attachments…..

    Thanks dlangham….

    Best of Luck Geesk

    • meenakshiacc said

      Hi Spsun, Please mail me any dumps on 70-445 or dlangham’s mail with 70-445 stuff as you mention here. I am not able to find dlangham’s post in 70-431 link

  4. spsun said

    Hello Sweetpie1 I heard there are less then 600 70-445 guys in the world…..I do not know how far it is true….
    you will be joining the select club…..


  5. spsun said

    sorry we all will be joining the select club….
    we should all tha nk zieglers

  6. geesk said

    Thank you Spsun

    I will download the file.
    When are you planning to take the test?
    Do you have softcopy of the MCTS Training Kit?

  7. sweetpie1 said

    hi geesk

    welcome to 70-445 blog geesk happy to see so many posts

    hi spsun

    got it i will mail u to ur correct mail id now
    by the way if any one know the exam pattern pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know


  8. ronaldo777 said

    Hi All

    I am in the early stage of preparing for this exam. have started reading the microsoft core text but wanted advice on which test papers i can use. has anyone successfuly completed this exam? any advice would be much appreciated. I recently passed 70-431 with the help of the Zieglers forum so i hope this will be as useful.


  9. sweetpie1 said

    hey anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …….. let me know the exam pattern.planning to take exam on 24th so please help me


  10. dlangham said

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back on here, just been so busy,
    Here are some stats from Microsoft on Worldwide Achievers for SQL Server 2005. These numbers are current as of March 2008.

    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
    SQL Server 2005: Business Intelligence Development……1,088
    SQL Server 2005…………………………………..27,526

    Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
    Business Intelligence Developer…………………….478
    Database Administrator…………………………….4,433
    Database Developer………………………………..1,742

    So you can safely say you would be one of the elite…so far.

    70-445 wasn’t too bad, I passed with 925/1000, areas tested on are:
    Managing SSAS
    Developing SSAS Solutions by Using BIDS
    Implementing Data Mining by Using BIDS
    Managing SSRS
    Developing Reporting Solutions by Using SSRS
    Developing Business Intelligence Solutions by Using SSIS
    Administering SSIS Packages

    I had around 58 questions in total, comprising of single and multiple choice questions with about 5 drag and drops where you have to select the correct order as well, there are also alot of exhibits too…please be careful as some of the multiple choice questions do not tell you how many answers to select!!!

    Best of luck to everyone, some of you have my e-mail if you need anything.

  11. sweetpie1 said

    thanks a lot dale

    i started preparing (reading ms press book)and giving my exam on april 24th
    by the way i have a doubt like u sent us some exam wrox questions from that how many questions did u get in the exam?


  12. dlangham said

    Hi Sweetpie1,

    All the questions I had were in the Exam Worx study guide.

  13. sweetpie1 said

    hi dale

    thanks for the info…

  14. niftylasse said

    sweetiepie..cud u help me wid a l’ll info..
    which mspress book r u referring 2.
    i checkd MS site and there r loads of books gvn..
    if u cud tell me… which 1 u referring 2.. i wud b thankful

    Adios 4 the time…

  15. sweetpie1 said

    hi niftylasse


    check the link u can understand what the book u have to read


  16. sweetpie1 said

    hi guys

    how is every one right now i am very nervous becoz i am going to give my exam in 10 days that is in 24th of this month.so if anyone have dumps by testking or pass for sure please post it.i am having the dumps by examwrox which is sent by dale


    is exam wrox enough or need to refer any other .please help me


  17. dlangham said


    You do need to know your stuff as well in practice.
    I have over 5 years practical experience using SQL Server, I would suggest you do plenty of reading and practice, combine this with the test papers available and you will be OK.
    Good luck and don’t worry too much.

  18. niftylasse said


    Thanks for the info. and best luck for the exam,

  19. desireemm said

    I take it the 70-445 is the next exam after the 70-431??

  20. giuliofava said


    I have found material for the 70-445 exam (MCTS Self Paced Training Kit), but I have not found anything about the 70-446 exam!

    How can I do to prepare the 70-446 exam for the Business Intelligence Developer certification?

    Thanx to all…

  21. geesk said

    Hi Giuliofava

    Do you have the softcopy of the 70-445 MCTS Self Paced Training Kit?
    If so, could you please let me know where you downloaded it?


  22. spsun said

    Hello Sweetpie1,
    Best of Luck!!! I am sure just like 70-431 you will pass with flying colors!!!

  23. spsun said

    Hello giuliofava,
    Dlangham is the master in MS BI and the right person to advise us regarding 446 as well.He had cleared that exam as well.
    We should wait for his advise.


  24. sweetpie1 said

    hi spsun

    last time also u are the one who wished me and now also u are wishing me ,i am happy if i come out with minimum pass score

    thanks a lot


  25. giuliofava said

    Hi Geesk,

    I said that I have found materials for 70-445… but on Amazon.com web site! I will buy this book…

    But on Amazon.com I have not found the 70-446 book.
    But yesterday I’ve found it on Amazon.ca!

  26. sweetpie1 said

    hi everyone

    i had taken 70-445 on april 24th and got 855 and i am very happy for that.by the way the links(which are in 70-431 dicussion forum)for 70-445 given by dlangham is perfect.

    anyways thanks dlangham and spsun

  27. geesk said

    Congrats Sweetpie!

    Any tips for us??

  28. spsun said

    Hello Sweetpie1,
    Hearty Congratullations!!! Its party time!!!

    There are two BI masters now Dlangham and Sweetpie1
    How did you prepare??


  29. naveensql said

    Hello Sweetpie1,

    pls provide us the links of the material you studies (dumps…) for 70-445.


  30. sweetpie1 said

    hi guys

    sorry i am a little busy now a days and not able to login
    anyways thank u spssun ,Dale and geesk.
    please be very perfect with 70-445 microsoft book and do a lots of practice then u will surely get trough the exam….
    any how naveen click the link and go to 70-431 discussion forum and check out post 888 u will find the dumps posted by dale.that will be good enofough to pass the exam..


  31. rajakumar68 said

    hi guys (especially dlangham)

    Does you have the infos or advise on 446?

    I not find 446 ms press book so I find difficult to learning for this one. How did you prepare for this most select exam?

    Does anyone have advise/tips on this BI exam?

  32. dj44 said


    Can anyone Send me 70-445 Simulations and Sim’s if it possible.


    Djallal Eddine EZZIANE


  33. nabarun0001 said

    Hi Friends,,,

    I am just new in this blog,I have completed 70-431 last month and willing to take 70-445 now,can any one send me the Dumps and simulators for 70-445,I t will be a great help..

    my mail id nabarun.0001@gmail.com

    will wait for tour response..

  34. nabarun0001 said

    Hi Djallal,

    Thanks a lot for your response…
    I have self paces trainig kit for 445,mail me if you needs…

    one more request to BI Gurus,do you have some good ebook or resource for Learning MDX from basic to advanced..

    Please mail me at nabarun.0001@gmail.com

  35. mergie said


    Last week I passed 70-445 and nothing changed in questions
    (for example this link is ok http://www.examworx.com/70-445.htm)

    Can anyone provide me any information regarding exam 70-446?
    It will be very helpful.

    Please mail me at mergie@o2.pl

  36. samip9 said

    hello eveyrone,

    i have just started preparing for 70-445 exam..plz could someone advice me as to from where to start. i have bought datbase essential steo by step book as listed on the microsoft.com website.. i would appreciate if anyone could tell me wat else should i refer as a beginner..


  37. ravibva said

    HI all,
    I am new to this blog..
    I am working on BI platform only and willing to write the exam for 70-445 .

    So Can you Please assist me from where I need to start and..

    I observed from the comments posted that, there are some experts

    of BI are there here and So I am requesting you one and all that

    Please provide me any Stuff,Dumps or material regrading 70-445.

    My mail id


    I am waiting for a response from all..

    Thanks once again.

  38. ravibva said

    Hi Dlangham,

    I am not having your mail id .. Can you please send me any stuff regarding 70-445

  39. raj724 said


    Any one having the dumps(or sample questions) for 70 – 445 exam,pls mail me at


  40. spsun said

    Hello Ravibva,
    check post 888 in https://zieglers.wordpress.com/2007/04/12/70-431-simulation-questions-discussion/


  41. nsehmi said

    Hi Everyone,

    I am preparing myself to take Exam 70-445 in 3 months. I wanted to know whats the best approach in order to successfully pass the exam.

    I have already got the dump/sample questions from post 888? Is that sufficient enough? Also, how many simulations are there? Are there any changes from the questions that you took?

    Whats the best book to read for this? Microsoft Press Kit?

    Please advice me on the right path as this is my first Microsoft Exam.

    You can always email me at nsehmi@gmail.com. Thanks a lot!

  42. sham786 said

    Hi All,
    I am going to exam on monday . Pleaseeeeee help me .

    I have a doubt in following question no 23,26,41,88,92 as per wrox_epad questions .

    Please check these question and tell me whether they are correct or not .

  43. zakeer said

    HI all,

    I am new to this blog..

    I am very much interested to learn BI tools and to do certification.

    So Can you Please assist me from where I need to start and..

    I observed from the comments posted that, there are some experts

    of BI are there here and So I am requesting you one and all that

    Please provide me which books is helpful for me to learn BI tools from the scratch and also provide me any Stuff,Dumps or material regrading certification.

    My mail id


    its very urgent.

    I am waiting for a response from all..

    Thanks in advance.

  44. spsun said

    Hello Sham,
    How did you fare in your exam??


  45. robing9 said


    i am working in SSAS and DM and i am really considering to take Exam 70-445 with next 2 months.

    So can you please assist me.

    My mail id is “robin.panicker@hotmail.com”

    Thanks in Advance

  46. sqldbadev said

    any one have taken 070-446 exam?
    Planning to write that in about 2 weeks, any info would be helpful

  47. prasadd said


    I have recently started preparing for 70-445 exam.

    Checked earlier posts & found post#888 having 2 links posted by Dlangham.
    Apart from this, do we have any additional documents?

    In earlier posts, their is one reference to docs by Sweetpie & Spsun
    Is it same as above 2 links or something different?

    Please send any Documents or Dumps regrading 70-445 to my email id below:



  48. mcitp2008 said

    Hi guys,

    wonderful blog, keep it up.

    Just wondering if there are any simulations and / or drag-drop questions in 70-445 ?


  49. shaft1 said

    So, does anyone have any testkings or Actual tests. I have the MSpress book, It’s at work but I’ll try to post the pdf this week… maybe I’ll just do the entire ISO.

    Any preferences?

  50. ronaldo777 said

    Hi All
    Can someone please confirm whether all the (real) exam questions feature in the Worx material?
    Many thanks

  51. shaft1 said

    Here’s a link to the e-book

  52. shaft1 said

    OK. That didn’t work.


    and ISO


  53. ronaldo777 said

    Hi All

    Can someone please help, i have an exam comming up very soon.
    My question is simply this, Can someone please confirm whether all the (real) exam questions feature in the Worx material?

    If the answer is NO, can you suggest an alternative test paper.

    Many Many Thanks In Advance

  54. pdidonato said

    I found this on another blog.
    “Hi all,

    Seems nobody posted about these exams.
    I have passed 70-445 2weeks ago, 70-446 last Saturday.

    70-445 53Qs, No simulations.
    70-446 61Qs, 6 Senarios.
    I have not used any TKs for 70-445, just using MS Tutorials, SSAS Books and my experiences, result was 700 :
    P4S was used for 70-446, result was 1000 (No Errors).
    Pls note that this is Japanese-translated exam, any differences might exist (e.g. time-lag for affecting latest questions).

    Good luck!”

    I will be taking both these tests in a couple weeks. I got the above from this forum.


  55. dj44 said

    Dear All,

    I’ve PAssed Microsoft Sql Server BI Exam (70-44) successfully today.

    all Questions are the same as tools shared.

    thank’s all.

    PS: If anyone Have 70-446 pls Share ! !


  56. smokeyrock said

    Hello, can anyone pls advise me which material to use, I’ve the Worx files from post 888 and the vce file from this link:

    Pls reply thank you

  57. hmcu said

    hi dj44,

    do u mean is it enough to refer training kit and questions from tool shared?


  58. hmcu said

    hi all,

    is there any one recently passed this exam? pls give some updates if so. i am taking the exam this week.

    thanks in advance.

  59. hmcu said

    hi all,

    i have passed 70-445 exam yesterday. got 957/1000 marks. 🙂

    tool shared is great.

    Refer Training kit and go through the practicals also.

    thanks all.

  60. fenildesai said

    ExamWorx dumps given in post 888 still works?
    giving exam this week.
    pls confirm…

  61. spsun said

    Hi Fenildesai,
    Best of Luck!!!
    Please do update with your test results.

  62. augxiao said

    Hi guys,

    I worked with SQL BI development for years but new to MCP, I passed 70-445 with 1000 scores on Dec 31, which is the first exam I take.

    I used the training kit and the dumps given by dlangham (mentioned above), 100% questions are covered but I don’t remember which are from training kit and which are from ExamWorx dumps, anyway it works.

    I’m aiming at 446 in the following months, unfortunately no 446 training kit available, does anyone advise how to clear this exam?


  63. mily09 said

    can anyone tell me what would be the best practice exam for 70-445. I am currently studing using transcender but i would also wantt to try other exam engins. I read some comment some of dlangham. dlangham could you please email me some of your advise. Any take the help would be appreciated. I am planing to take the exam by end of Jan or begining of Feb.

    Thank you all in advance

  64. rajeshduraisamy said

    Hi Friends,,,

    I am just new in this blog.I am willing to take 70-445 exam now,can any one send me the Dumps and simulators for 70-445,It will be a great help..

    my mail id rajeshduraisamy@yahoo.co.in

    will wait for tour response..

  65. awang212 said

    Hi all,

    I passed 70-445 with 1000 scores. thank’s all.And now prepare to 70-446.

  66. tusharghotikar said

    Can anyone plz send me the dumps or simulations for 70 445 and also wrox questions.
    my email id is tusharghotikar@yahoo.co.in

  67. tusharghotikar said

    got the wrox q’s from the 70-431 discussion post.

  68. mily09 said

    hi , how do you look for wrox from 70-431 discussion?

  69. tusharghotikar said

    check post 888 in https://zieglers.wordpress.com/2007/04/12/70-431-simulation-questions-discussion/

    there r 2 links

  70. anoopjain said

    Hi Friends,

    Is there any one who recently passed 070-446?

    pls post dumps if anyone has. I am planing to take this exam next week.

    thanks in advance.

  71. pepsdk said

    Any1 got any material for the 2008 editions?

  72. shusha11 said

    Folks, are there the simulations in test 070-445 or only multiple choice questions?

  73. rashmi1010 said

    Please can you guys send me the complete list of preparation material for 70-445?
    Once again congratulations for all people who passed the test ! Your help will be greatly appreciated !
    Thanks a lot

  74. pradeep27 said

    Hi Friends,,,

    I am just new in this blog.I am willing to study for 70-445 exam now,can any one send me the

    Dumps and simulators for 70-445,It will be a great help..

    my mail id kangudepradeep@gmail.com

  75. dwbiarchitect said

    Hi fellow BI Professionals,

    Today, I passed the MS 70-445 exam!! Now, looking forward for the 70-446. As some of you have already mentioned, there is nothing available for this exam. If you need any help for 70-445, please feel free to contact me. Also, if some of you have arelady taken 70-446, please share the wisdom with us!!

    DWBI Architect

  76. tusharghotikar said

    How many q were there and did u study from dumps?

  77. dwbiarchitect said

    there were 44 questions. I did not prepare from the dumps.

    Wondering if there are any dumps for 70-446. Anybody please?

  78. shusha11 said

    Dear Dwbiarchitect, are there simulations within the test 70-445? Someone mentioned above that there are 53 questions, not 44?

  79. fjf38021 said

    dwbiarchitect you can go to http://www.examcollection.com Can you please tell me what you used to prepare for 445

  80. imp11 said

    Hi Friends,

    I am new in this blog. I am preparing 70-445 exam from MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft SQL server 2005 BI (eBook).

    Can any one send me then Dumps and simulators?
    It would be a great help..

    my mail id impica@email.si

    Thank you all in advance

  81. fjf38021 said

    Is there anyone that have written 445 in the past couple of weeks that can tell me what b-dumps they used and if the q’s are still the same?

    DWBI Architect,

    Can you shed some light for us PLZ…. 🙂

  82. fjf38021 said

    Just Passed 445 with 957.

    Examcollection works! all q’s are valid

  83. shusha11 said

    Fjf38021, congrats! How many questions are in 70-445 test? Are there simulations?

  84. inka5 said

    I just passed the exam. There were 44 questions, no simulations. All questions are from ExamWorx dumps, nothing new.

  85. imp11 said

    I just passed the exam. There were 44 questions. Examcollection works!

  86. dbaxtraordinaire said

    Hi imp11 said, Congratulations on your success. Please what is Examcollection? How do I get it? Thanks.

  87. fjf38021 said

    Congratz to everyone who passed!!

    shusha11: 44q’s no sims just 2 D&D q’s.

    dbaxtraordinaire: go to http://www.examcollection.com and download 445 stuff its a big help! I used it myself and it works!

  88. mistl005 said

    Anybody know where the 70-431 blog went?

    Get’s a 404 Not Found

  89. zieglers said

    ::::: IMPORTANT NOTICE ::::::

    Hi all,

    WordPress suspended this blog last week, due to violation of WordPress Terms of Service. Reason to this suspension was a complaint from a Law Firm stating that Microsoft Certification materials and questions being shared.

    Although I tried to create a discussion environment to discuss only questions, not to provide bulk answers; some of the users shared full answers and their email addresses, resulting in such a suspension of that post. As you can see, now everyone is suffering from that.

    If this continues to happen for other certification related posts, same thing will happen once again..

    I don’t want any contributors to this blog to share email addresses and direct answers to questions. If you want to discuss the ideas behind those questions, be my guest.. I won’t tolerate any comment violating Terms of Service.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


  90. mily09 said

    Just took 70-445 and passed. Many thansk to all of you for all your recomendation.

  91. awazone said

    Congratulations Mily09!
    Is it still all the same? How was it?

  92. mily09 said

    Thanks Awazone. Yes, I’ve followed all the advise from this group and used Transecnder to prepare. Where is everybody??I need some help/advise on 70-446 also

  93. mukuljain said

    HI Mily09

    Can you please send me the links for the study material at the following email address mukul492003@gmail.com.
    Alternatively if you also can share the pdf’s with the questions, that will be really helpful

  94. johap said

    Hi all!

    Can any one send me then (exam 70-445) Dumps and simulators?
    It would be a great help..

    my add jopanol@yahoo.com.ph

    Thank you all in advance

  95. deamondragon said

    I need cd materials (sample code and databases) that came with this MS Press Book: “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Step by Step”.
    If anybody is interesting for this book, here is the link:

  96. fjf38021 said

    zieglers can you PLEASE start a discussion for 70-446

  97. fjf38021 said

    zieglers can you PLEASE start a discussion for 70-446

  98. awazone said

    Does anyone have the iso of 70-445 from CBT Nuggets?

    @ Fjf38021…we could start a discussion here for 70-446, why not?

  99. meenakshiacc said


    can anyone send me the dumps for 70-445 at deepakshi_singh@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

  100. amittomarr said

    Hi All,

    I m new to this blog…Can anyone plz send me the dumps or simulations for 70 445 and also wrox questions.
    my email id is amit.tomarr@gmail.com


  101. amittomarr said

    Hi all

    does anyone have visual certexam software or registration key then pls fws to amit.tomarr@gmail.com

  102. zieglers said

    IMPORTANT: No email addresses, no dump requests, PLZ!!!


  103. fjf38021 said

    Have anyone recently written the 446 exam?

  104. fjf38021 said

    Does anyone know where I can buy the 446 MS self paced training kit?

  105. hi all
    can anyone please send me links on 70-445,

    thanks, vijay

  106. mbhoni said

    Hi Guys i will be taking 70-445 in less than 24 hours. I should have taken it a long time ago, but i was working on something else. You will hear from me in a week time

  107. normanwong15 said

    Thank you very much for sharing this information with us.

  108. free ebook said

    free ebook…

    […]Exam 70-445: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence – Implementation and Maintenance « Zieglers[…]…

  109. seo|vps|hosting|dedicated|server…

    […]Exam 70-445: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence – Implementation and Maintenance « Zieglers[…]…

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