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Multiple List Search and Process Items

Posted by zieglers on December 3, 2009

Recently, i’ve been looking for a solution to select multiple items from different lists and come up with a ‘Selected Items’ basket in order to further process with either predefined or custom actions. The idea is to be able to select multiple items and compiling a sort of ‘wish list’ or as i called it ‘Processing List’. Then, once items are selected, either to apply bulk operations (like checkin, checkout, approve, delete, download, publish, …etc) on them or some custom code is the way to go.

Here is use case steps for this application page:

Step-1: Select list you want to search

Step-2: Type your search criteria and add item(s) to Processing List below

Step-3: Selected items are listed in ‘Processing List’ repeater

Step-4: Reorder or Remove items to finalize your list. In above shown list, I removed list item and reordered remaining 3 items.

Next application page is ‘Process Items’ page, where you can either write own custom code to process your list or select some bulk operations as shown below.

Here at this point, i need some suggestions. What can be the other possible usage scenarios for this ‘List Search and Process’ tool?

Bulk operations, custom code, applying common metadata, dynamically loading assemblies and calling methods…? That’s all I have in mind so far. In case you have suggestions, please share so that we can make use of this logic for generic purpose.



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