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Upload as a Zip file

Posted by zieglers on January 15, 2010

This post is actually last section of previous post: Download as a Zip file. Since this post focuses on Upload functionality, I thought it’d deserve it’s own space..

 MOTIVATION: Uploading documents individually to a document library can take some time. Eventhough you use ‘Upload Multiple Documents’ functionality, then you have to select your documents one by one again.

 On the other hand, having the flexibility of uploading a zip file to a document library and expanding documents automatically has advantages over uploading multiple documents:

 One single file is uploaded to server vs. multiple files. This means server is kept less busy and less server resources are consumed.

  • Zip file is smaller in size, because it is compressed. Again this means that uploaded file size is less than sum of sizes of individually uploaded documents.
  • Uploading a zip file is faster due to being small in size.
  • Uploading a zip file is more organized since your zip file will contain a logical set of documents, such as project documents.

Ok, that’s enough motivation so far. Let’s get to action.

 Upload a Zip file to a document library:

Upload a zip file functionality can be initiated using Upload section in toolbar.

Once you select ‘Upload as a Zip file and expand‘, you are taken to upload zip file application page.

Here you browse to the zip file you want to upload. Alternatively, you have 2 extract options: Create Folder for Extracted Files and Keep Original Zip file. (I think they are self explanatory.)

Here I select a zip file called BaseTestDocZ.zip.

Once you click OK, zip file is uploaded to server, files are extracted and inserted to document library as shown below.

… and here is the contents of BaseTestDocZ folder:

Finally that concludes this post. Please feel free to share your thought & suggestions.

Note: I’ll post wsp solution for this post soon!!!



One Response to “Upload as a Zip file”

  1. Nimi Kaul said


    Can you please direct me about how to do this? Or an you link me to the wsp you created?

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