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Creating custom toolbar menu

Posted by zieglers on March 26, 2010

Recently I was trying to create a custom toolbar menu group for some bulk actions I developed. At first I thought it’d be as easy as creating a <CustomActionGroup> feature. However, as I tried and tried I realized that it was way more complicated than that.

Basically you need to implement abstract ToolBarMenuButton class. You can find implementation details in this thread from SharePoint msdn forum:

How to create custom toolbar menu 


One Response to “Creating custom toolbar menu”

  1. lukydrums said


    Thank you for this awsome post – I was looking for that solution for months!
    But I still have a problem with that custom toolbar menu.

    I created new class MyMenu implemented by ToolBarMenuButton with the code like your posted link shows and then I put the new ‘button’ in DefaultTemplates.ascx
    My result is empty toolbar – I can’t see any toolbar on my lists 🙂 Am I missed something?

    Would you be so kind and share your solution with me? Actualy I’d like to greate custom toolbar menu on a specific list in my project and not for the any list in site collection.

    Thanks for help!



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