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7 Responses to “Bulk Metadata Update for SharePoint”

  1. ntag09 said


    This is the exact functionality I’m looking for in a SharePoint 2010 project. How can I get hold of it? šŸ™‚

  2. zieglers said

    I published this on codeplex.

    Note that, this code is for SP 2007. If you modify it and make it work with SP 2010, please contact me so that we can publish that version as well.


  3. mikeelder85 said

    Hi, this is a great solution and exactly what we were looking for!

    One problem we have however, is that we’d like to use the functionality in picture libraries. At the moment, the Bulk Actions item is not appearing on the Actions menu and the selection boxes are not appearing. It works fine for document libraries within the same site.

    Any help with this would be most appreciated!

    Thanks for your time and effort,

  4. zieglers said

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to look into that.


  5. Chris Ang said

    I found one for SP2010, tested and works well as it works in lists and doc libraries, updates taxonomy and content types not supported in datasheet view (they told me picture libraries will be supported in next release), http://www.qipoint.com, its called Batch Edit and Check In, Hope that helps someone else!

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