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SPBulkActions – CodePlex Project

Posted by zieglers on May 21, 2010

Yesterday I published the first release of SharePoint Bulk List Actions project on CodePlex.


This project is basically a combination of bulk functionalities I mentioned in my last couple of posts.

This project aims to provide some essential and generic bulk actions for SharePoint lists. Idea is to include any custom actions that can be applied on lists in bulk. List item selection is also provided, so not only you can do your actions in bulk but also selectively.

Hopefully, it’s used by whoever needs and extended based on specific business requirements. If you are interested in developing for SPBulkActions, please let me know.



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Sample SharePoint Application Pages

Posted by zieglers on May 20, 2010

Recently I developed a training on ‘Understanding and Securing Application Pages in SharePoint‘, which simply explains the differences between main base pages and shows how to secure them.

  • UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase
  • LayoutsPageBase
  • WebAdminPageBase

In provided wsp, there are three sample applications pages inheriting from above base pages respectively. You can use those pages as a starting point while developing for your own application pages.

Training Presentation: Understanding and Securing SharePoint ApplicationPages

Sample Application Pages Code and WSP: SampleSPAppPages

Feel free to ask any question you may have.


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