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Show loading message during AJAX call

Posted by zieglers on December 15, 2010

Here is quick tip on displaying ‘Loading…’ or ‘Operation in progress…’ type of messages while making an AJAX call in your javascript.

Below snippet will show loadingDiv div element whenever an ajax method call is executing and it will hide the message once method call ends.

<div id=”loadingDiv” style:visibility=”hidden”>Operation in progress…</div>

.hide()  // hide it initially
.ajaxStart(function() {
.ajaxStop(function() {

So, in case you need to do additional stuff once ajax call is finished, plug your code in .ajaxStop. Usual suspects are displaying a message to user, going to another page, refreshing page, …etc.

Also you can create your own loading gif images from this site: http://ajaxload.info/


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