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SAP IDES Installation – Import ABAP Phase taking too long issue

Posted by zieglers on February 19, 2011

So far I lost the count on how many SAP IDES installations I made on different environments. Every installation is a new challenge and comes with own unique problems if there exists any.

Recently I tried SAP IDES ECC 6.0 Installation on Hyper-V environment with a host of 8GB Ram. This time I allocated 6GB Ram to WinServer 2003 R2 Standard Edition client, and took some screenshots to share with you all. I read lots of people out there especially complaining about import ABAP taking too long. Of course there are several factors to that like number of parallel import jobs running or memory allocated for client machine and SQL Server … etc.

Here I’m not going to make any conclusions on that. Simply I want to show you my experience of SAP IDES ECC 6.0 Installation on Hyper-V. Yes, import ABAP phase is going to take a long time, and yes it’ll take a lot longer than you expect. Since this is the case, just be patient and let it run smoothly. During this phase, make sure that your client is not going to run out of disk space. Also, set your power options to ‘always on’ so that your host doesn’t go into sleep mode during installation.

Here is the first minutes of Import ABAP Phase.. Note SQL Server memory consumption. 2.7 GB, not too bad for a 6GB client.

As you can see, below screen clearly shows that my IMPORT ABAP Phase almost took 1 day to complete.

(Yes, I was doing SAP Installation on Valentine’s Day 🙂 Well, technically I was only monitoring it, so no harm done to family life..)

Also, another thing to check is that, make sure all 105 import jobs completed successfully as seen below. You can check this from installer log screen.

Following Import ABAP Phase, sometimes first time start of central instance can take some time, but nothing more than 10-20 minutes. There is a time-out limit for that. Once the central instance is up and running, you’ll see disp+work processes like this.

And finally once the installation is complete, here is what you get.

Now you can go ahead and if you haven’t done already, install your SAP GUI and connect to your SAP System for the first time.You can use your DDIC user and password you provided during installation to log on.


P.S. Note that your temp license will expire in 1 month.



3 Responses to “SAP IDES Installation – Import ABAP Phase taking too long issue”

  1. jaruro said

    I have been trying to install IDES ECC 6.0 on a laptop with 4GB RAM and intel i3, I have tried thrices and whenever it reaches IMPORT ABAP phase it takes so long that I often have to cancel and restart.
    THe current installation has taken more than 50 hours and I am still on that phase, the status message for over 24hrs is as follows:
    “phase is in progress”
    “Import monitor jobs: running 1, waiting 1, completed 17, failed 0, total 19

    My database is MaxDB 7.6.

    Please advice, I am almost giving up on this installation.

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