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How to move files with drag and drop (SPDragDrop) between SharePoint servers

Posted by zieglers on March 21, 2011

Recently I’ve published the codeplex project – Drag and Drop for SharePoint – a SharePoint add-in which gives the drag and drop functionality while working with documents in SharePoint libraries. I got lots of user feedback re its usability and possible improvements for its functionality.

One of the most important improvement idea was ‘to be able to move files between SharePoint servers‘. In other words, users want to move files between document libraries where source and destination libraries reside in two different physically SharePoint servers.

Sounds simple, but implementation of it was not that simple. Eventually i was able to make it. Here is the Youtube video showing how it looks like. In case there will be requests, I may mention of implementation details in another post.



2 Responses to “How to move files with drag and drop (SPDragDrop) between SharePoint servers”

  1. Excellent work dude!!!! This is amazing!!!!!
    But I can’t find how to configure my server to make copy between them.

    Good job!!!!!


    • zieglers said

      This functionality is not ootb. I developed a FRPC framework which allows this. I’ll try to explain details of this further in following posts.

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